Are Solo Ads The Quickest Way To Build Your Email List?

The money’s in the list – everyone (EVERYONE) tells you that. Build your email list and you basically have your own traffic source.

Build your email list and that means that you can then sell people on it your ‘stuff’.

The best thing about an email list is you know that the leads are prequalified. And you can sell to them again and again (and again…). Awesome sauce right?!

So, assuming they’re right – you need to build an email list.

How do you do that? There is a lot of advice out there on list building. This article is going to focus on how to build an email list fast.

Anyway, we all know that we mustn’t go down the spammy spammy spammy spammy path (MLGS I’m looking at you….).

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So How Do We Build Our Email List Quickly?

The short answer – money.

Sorry, might not be the answer you wanted, but its true.

Sure you can build a list for free but unless you have a massive (really massive) social media following, it will take a long time.

Lots of options of course – in this article I’ll break down a few of them and lay out why I think solo ads might be the best way to build a list quickly (really quickly).

Not sure what solo ads are? Check out my article all about solo ads to find out.

All good? Ok, let’s get on with it.

Building Your Email List With Social Media

With so many social channels out there now, it can actually be pretty easy to build an audience and email list this way.

It could be from Youtube channels, posts you make on Facebook or Instagram, or even just tweets.

As long as you can signpost people towards a webpage where you can take their email, then you can build your list 🙂

It can be a great way to find and nurture a targetted audience, whilst building up your personal brand at the same time.

In fact, if you’re not already doing this with your channels, then my top tip would be to start. Right now. Seriously.

Building your email list with social media is a great method because they’ve already shown interest in your brand/product/service by liking/following/subscribing to your social accounts.

Even better, because you’re putting yourself out there, you are building authority and the all-important ‘know like and trust’ which is the (not so) secret sauce to generating sales.

Whilst this is all great, we’re here to talk about building a list FAST.

And that is where social media can fall down…unless you are already ‘influencer’ status you will then need to spend many many months sharing content to build the list up.

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing this – it just isn’t going to get you there quickly.

Using Paid Advertising To Build Your Email List

Paid ads can get you laser targetted traffic (especially search traffic where you are bidding on specific search terms) and as with social media, is a really viable way to build your email list.

So is there a catch?

Well possibly – there are a couple of reasons why it can be tricky to build an email list fast with paid ads.

Firstly you’re going to need to worry about compliance issues.

Depending on your niche you’re going to struggle straight off the bat. For example Crypto, some of the more ‘out there’ diet things – you’re going to really struggle to get ads approved on the likes of Google and Facebook.

It also means your ad copy, your landing page – you’re website and even your domain all need to be compliant. You’ll need legal pages in place, disclaimers, and be VERY careful about what you’re actually saying.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not impossible, but it is hard. You have to be creative.

Secondly – and this is a problem that can affect any niche – you will need a lot of visitors to get a decent-sized list.

This means lots of budget is being spent on ad traffic. Again, not the end of the world, but it does mean that it’s not going to be super cheap or super quick to start building your list with paid ads.

Don’t forget most ad platforms are an auction – and if you’re in a competitive niche this is going to make it expensive per click (lead/sale).

And also (oddly) volume can be an issue. If you’re trying to bid effectively then you could be hitting search terms or audiences that have a finite reach per day. That means you need to be patient.

Building An Email List With SEO

Psst – I’m doing this right now!

SEO is a wonderful thing – and can be a great way of building a real targetted list.

Build your blog around an audience’s interest and sit back and let it all happen!

In fact, if you want to learn how I’m doing it check out my post about Blog Focussed.

Best of all, like social media – it’s FREE!

However, unless you are in a very ‘niche’ niche (is that a thing?!) chances are your rankings (and traffic) are going to take some time to build up.

Months, possibly even years.

But it does work (it’s working for me) 🙂

BUT this is about building an email list fast – which leads us nicely onto:

Building An Email List Quickly With Solo Ads

All of the above – well – kinda sucks if you’re trying to build a list fast.

This is what I love about solo ads.

So let’s address most of the major points above and see why solo ads can get you there super quick!

  1. You don’t need any kind of following (like on social)
  2. You don’t need to create any content apart from your squeeze page (and that is very easy)
  3. You aren’t in an auction (as such) – prices per click are what they are
  4. Don’t need to worry about compliance – say what you want, have whatever you want on your page
  5. You can buy as much volume as you like (especially if using one of the bigger solo ad vendors)

So as you can see there are a LOT of good reasons to buy solo ads to build your email list fast.

Build your squeeze page, place your order and boom – you’re off!

If you had the money you could literally build a list of 10,000s of email subscribers in a single day if you really wanted to.

Whilst most people don’t have that kind of money to throw around, I hope you can see how you can build an email list REALLY quickly this way.

Now you understand the value of solo ads in building an email list – why not check out my article about where to get good solo ads 🙂

Good luck building your email list!