Are Solo Ads The Right Tool For Your Affiliate Marketing Business?


In my experience I’ve found that solo ads work very well for me (once I knew what I was doing!). I know a lot of people don’t like them, but I think they are a great tool for affiliate marketing.

I don’t use solo ads for every single thing I’m trying to promote, but when I need to make push for a certain campaign OR refresh and build up my email list, I will use solo ads. 

In this post we’ll take a look at how you can decide if solo ads are going to be a good tool for your affiliate marketing business.

You’ll see that there’s not one right answer. It all depends on the niche and the product you are promoting and your attitude to return on investment (and of course importantly, choosing the right solo ad vendor). 

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What Are Solo ads?

Solo ads are (somewhat unconventional) way of advertising. Basically you are paying for someone to send an email shot out to their list, with the email containing your link. You pay on a per click basis to get people through to your link destination.

If you want to know more about solo ads in detail, you can read all about them in my article about what solo ads are here

If you are trying to make money from solo ads then make sure you have a plan and understand what solo ads are really for.

It’s not as easy as just chucking your links in someone else’s email and waiting for the money to come rolling in.  If you are looking for quick wins, then solo ads probably aren’t for you.

So Why Should You Use Solo Ads?

Solo Ads Are Very Quick

Solo ads are very quick – you can get volume at scale in a very short time. You can buy thousands of clicks to your link in a single solo ad run (if you have the budget). 

This means if you have a really hot (and suitable) offer – you can act fast and really rank up the sales. 

However, it’s really important to understand that front-end sales shouldn’t be your main goal when using solo ads.

Front-end sales are the cherry on the cake. It is really unusual for someone to be in profit from a solo ad run on the front end – it does happen (and has happened to me!) but it definitely isn’t the norm. 

Really, solo ads should be used to build out your email list and make money in the longer term by re-marketing the various affiliate offers you’re promoting, over time.

So solo ads should be viewed as a longer term investment. 

The downside is that it can be hard to know what kind of traffic you will be getting.  

There is no best vendor out there, you just need to make sure you choose one that you are comfortable with.  My favourite solo ad vendor is Wayne. He’s not the cheapest, but his traffic is solid and I’ve always got good front end sales as well as very high opt in rates. 

So if you’re looking to make a solo profit quickly, actually, solo ads may not be the best fit for your affiliate marketing business. 

Solo ads Are Pre-qualified Traffic

Solo ads are great for pre-qualified traffic.

Pre-qualified traffic has already been selected by someone else (probably another affiliate) as being interested in the product/service in your niche. This makes your life easier!

This means the prospects are already interested enough in the topic to click through to your offer. And of course this should result (ultimately) more sales than on completely cold traffic. 

Of course there is an argument that people on solo ads lists are being bombarded with offers everyday – so whilst the leads are warm they are also potentially ‘over exposed’ to offers.

Whilst there is definitely some truth to this, I’d argue that someone that stays on these kinds of lists really is interested in the topic, so as long as your offer stands out – you should do well. 

This is why the speed of solo ads can working to your advantage, when a new offer launches as long as you’re quick to get the solo ad campaign up and running you can be the first time people have seen a particular offer – and this will really help with your sales. 

Solo ad traffic isn’t really interested in fancy looking websites – just what your offer can do for them. So the good news is you don’t need to spend time and money setting up a full website if you’re going to use solo ads for your affiliate marketing business.

A squeeze page is really simple page usually containing a headline, a small image, a clear call to action and an email opt in – that’s it!   

Remember – you need to be using solo ads to build your email list so NEVER direct link to your affiliate offer. Always go to the squeeze page first. 

Solo ad squeeze page example
Example of a solo ad squeeze page

Squeeze pages are really easy to set up – and you can even do this for free if you use something like Groovefunnels and have your page set up in a matter of minutes.

You just need to have the squeeze page, then create a redirect from the page to your sales page when someone fills in the email box and you’re done! Simple stuff!

You Can Promote Offers That Wouldn’t Be Allowed On Main Ad Networks

Google, Facebook and all the other large ad networks are pretty damn choosy about what they’ll let you run ads for. 

Putting aside the fact that they really do hate affiliate marketing generally (so mean…) if you’re niche is make money online, crypto, ‘crazy’ weightloss products etc, you’re going to find it really (REALLY) hard to run ads. 

This is where solo ads can really shine. Most solo ad vendors are happy to run links to any offer you put their way – so long as they’re getting paid!

No offense to solo ad vendors…but you know it’s true!

TLDR if you’re offer is ‘questionable’ then solo ads might be the ONLY paid advertising channel available to you anyway. 

You aren’t going to have to worry about compliance, proving claims or any of that stuff. 

With solo ads, pretty much anything goes.


So hopefully by now, you’re starting to understand if solo ads might be the right tool for your affiliate marketing business.

In short if you:

1. Need a volume of traffic fast

2. Understand the long term value of building your email list

3. Don’t want to worry about creating complex assets like a full website

4. Want the freedom to use ‘creative’ copy(…)

5. Work in a niche that the main networks don’t like

Then you really should give solo ads a try. 

Beware though, there is a lot of junk traffic out there so if you want some traffic I can personally vouch for, go check this guy out 🙂

Now go get those commissions!