Best Place To Buy Solo Ads

If you’re looking to make money from solo ads, there are a LOT of variables to consider – that will be the difference between success and failure (ps not sure what solo ads? Check my post all about it).

One of those variables is where (or who) you are actually buying the solo ads from. Get this right and one of the major variables is already working in your favour.

In this article, I’m going to explain the different variables that may affect whether or not you should be buying your solo ad from a pro vs one of the other options out there, and then I’ll give you my professional opinion of where (or who) would be best for you to buy your solo ads from.

If you don’t want to read it all and want the TLDR, then my personal view is to buy Wayne Crowe’s solo ads.

He is one of the largest solo ad vendors on the planet and his solo ads get a LOT of front-end sales.

Interested in why I think that (or need some persuading)? Keep reading…

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How Should You Decide On The Best Place To Buy Solo Ads?

Understanding where the best sources of solo ads are online, and who’s the most reliable solo ad vendor is tricky. Especially for a beginner.

And as you can imagine, with the huge growth in people wanting to make money online, there’s a lot more to consider than there was ten years ago. And a lot more choice.

The solo ad industry is HUGE now, and with that, the number of ‘dodgy’ solo ad vendors just out to make a quick buck has increased considerably.

However, it’s still usually the case that the ‘best place to buy solo ads’ is actually through a pro who has been around the block for a while and knows exactly what he or she is doing.

So Where Can You Buy Solo Ads?

1. Buying solo ads on Udimi

Most newbies head straight to Udimi (usually after watching a YouTube vid telling them they’ll get rich off 100 clicks..). Now don’t get me wrong, Udimi is a great solo ad marketplace and has a number of steps in place to help you – the solo ad buyer.

It’s easy to search for solo ad sellers, and easy to see their reviews.

Plenty of money is made on Udimi solo ads – and you can get lucky finding a new seller who is trying to get their ratings up and secure a juicy deal.

However, it’s also true that Udimi has a lot of traffic that has been ‘around the block’ a lot. Think about it – if a popular seller has 10 orders in the last couple of days, and they’re all promoting the same affiliate product as you – how do you think that will affect your sales?

That’s right, Udimi can be a victim of its own success. The traffic could have seen your offer loads of times already.

However, as I’ve said, Udimi is not all bad by a long way. If you want to have a look through for yourself, check out the link below:

Buy Solo Ads On Facebook

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Facebook can be a great place to find solo ads sellers. There are loads of groups for solo ads. Dig in, have a poke around and see what looks good.

You won’t have the same kinds of buyer protection that Udimi offers – BUT you are likely to come across really good sellers that don’t even bother with Udimi.

Here is a list of all the Facebook solo ad groups – well worth a look:

Searching Google To Buy Solo Ads

If a solo ad seller has gone to the trouble of being discoverable on Google search, there is a very high chance they are legit. In fact, I’d put money on it.

The effort involved in ranking on Google just isn’t worth it if you’re a scammer (disclaimer: There may be scammers you can find on Google…).

Of course, you can take the testimonials you are likely to find on their websites with a pinch of salt, but hey, that’s true of all advertising.

Check out their site:

  • Does it look and ‘feel’ legit?
  • What sort of payment methods do they take?
  • Does it look like the site has been updated recently?
  • Do they have the ability to get in touch with the solo ad seller for chat?

Buying solo ads off of a Google search is probably the riskiest strategy – you don’t have the buyer protection of Udimi and you don’t have access to (mostly) legitimate testimonials as you would on Facebook. To an extent, you are flying blind.

But, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get ripped off (probably).

Quick recap:

So let’s recap on what the options have been so far:

  1. Udimi – safe, but potentially lower quality traffic
  2. Facebook groups – no ‘buyer protection’ but potentially access to higher quality traffic
  3. A roll of the dice, you could win, you could lose.

So what about MY recommendation?

Right at the start I said I recommended someone – so I guess now it’s time talk about why…

Why I Think Wayne Crowe’s Website Is The best place to Buy Solo Ads

1. He Is One Of The Largest Solo Ads Vendors

First off, I want to talk about one of the solo ad industries’ biggest ‘dirty secrets’. A lot (and I mean a lot) of solo ad sellers are actually just brokers for other people’s traffic.

That’s right – it’s totally true. Of course, a broker is never going to admit that to you…

But the reality is a HUGE amount of solo ad traffic is generated from two or three (big) sources – then just sold on down the line.

So, as with any business transaction, it makes sense to cut out the middleman right?

If you buy solo ads from Wayne Crowe, you are going straight to the source. He is where the traffic starts.

2. His Solo Ad Leads Are Fresh And From The Best Sources

Wayne Crowe refreshes his list daily (and at huge scale) by using top sources like Google and Bing ads – this means that the people opting into his list have been actively searching for how to make money online.

This is why his list is so responsive compared to some other solo ad vendors, and why so many people report getting from end sales – and just to note, I’ve had loads of front end sales form solo ad runs with Wayne.

3. He Has His Own Affiliate System (OLSP)

That’s right, Wayne Crowe owns his own affiliate ecosystem (called OSLP – check my post here for info on that).

Why should you care if you’re wanting to buy solo ads? Well, it proves that he isn’t just some lone ranger operating out of his bedroom. He is a proper large-scale business turning over hundreds of thousands of pounds.

How many people on Udimi can say that?

This proves he is legit, you’re buying from a business, not just a person. There is no risk here – if you buy 500 clicks, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

4. The Scale Of His Business

Because Wayne Crowe has a solo ad empire, it means he can always supply as many clicks as you need. You wont ever run out 🙂

So vendors can only sell you 1000 clicks top – but the sky is the limit with Wayne. Want 10,000 clicks? No problem. Want 50,000 clicks? No problem.

And ALL of his traffic is 100% Tier 1.

There are probably only 2 or 3 people in the whole world that can do that.

5. Buy Solo Ads, Get Added bonuses

Wayne has added a huge amount of bonuses that simply no one else in the market can offer:

  • 200 clicks – Get done for you squeeze page
  • 500 clicks – Get 1-1 call with a conversion specialist to optimise your funnel
  • 1000 clicks – Free month of VIP coaching course (value $297)
  • 2000 clicks – 1-1 hour long strategy call with Wayne
  • 5000 clicks – 2 x 1-1 strategy calls with Wayne

There is simply no-one else in the business that can offer things like this.

Buy the best solo ads from Wayne Crowe
Let Wayne Crowe Explain Why You Should Buy His Solo Ads

Conclusion – The Best Place To Buy Solo Ads

So there you have it – this is why I think my recommendation is the best solo ads for affiliate marketing!

Given the added extras, Tier 1, fresh traffic, established business (with a team of staff) – I think you’ll agree this is pretty hards to beat.

Try them out for yourself from the link below, I think you’ll be impressed 🙂