Blog Focused From James Hussey Review

As I’ve discussed in a few posts, there are lots of ways to make money online (check out my post for some ideas if you haven’t).

However one of the most ‘passive’ ways to get money online is from blogging and affiliate marketing. Sure you have to create the blog, but once you have, it can just sit there earning you commissions again and again (again).

So if that sounds good to you, then you need to learn how to do it properly. And James Hussey has created a course called Blog Focussed, that’s just for you.

In this Blog Focussed review, I will be reviewing the course in full from start to finish.

Disclaimer: I own Blog Focused and the only reason this blog exists is because of the course!

That said, let’s get on with the review πŸ™‚

Blog Focused James Hussey
Blog Focused By James Hussey – not as scary as he looks πŸ˜›

Table of Contents

Who is James Hussey?

James Hussey is a seasoned blogger who makes a good living from owning and creating multiple affiliate marketing niche blogs.

If you’re active on affiliate marketing groups on Facebook, you will have probably bumped into him πŸ™‚

Most notably, he is the admin of Frank Savage’s various Facebook groups and is the ‘angry man’ on the ClickBank Facebook group (you know it’s true James :P).

Bottom line, unlike many of the people trying to peddle their wares online, James Hussey has a proven track record in affiliate marketing from blogging. And demonstrably makes good money from doing it.

What is Blog Focused?

Blog Focused is a course specifically aimed at making money from affiliate marketing through blogging and SEO.

For a single one-off price, you get access to the course forever (unlike so many courses that try and force you to pay a monthly/yearly subscription).

It gives you an actionable 30-day plan to get your blog out to the world and ready to make money.

Blog Focused - inside the members area
Inside the Blog Focused Members Area

It teaches you everything from how to choose and buy a domain name through to advanced authority building through backlinking and social signals (don’t worry if that doesn’t mean anything to you yet, it all gets explained inside the course).

As well as teaching you how to build a blog site up, importantly it teaches you how to monetize (mostly) through affiliate marketing, but some other methods such as Adsense are also discussed.

In addition to the core training, you also get lifetime access to James’ private Facebook support group, where people can ask questions and even get their blogs and posts reviewed and critiqued by James.

Who is Blog Focused Aimed At?

Blog Focussed is completely beginner-friendly – you don’t need any previous experience in blogging, building websites, or affiliate marketing.

It really does take you through everything step by step, in enough detail for you to get going, but not so much that you get overwhelmed.

At the same time, even if you do have some experience, there is still plenty to dig your teeth into the later modules (and bound to be something you didn’t know about in the earlier modules too.

Bottom line – do you currently make 6 figures from blogging? If the answer is no, then this course is perfect for you πŸ™‚

What’s Inside Blog Focused?

The training inside Blog Focused is mostly delivered through a series of videos broken down into different topics and weeks (more on that in a bit).

As you would expect, these videos start with how to actually get a domain and set up a website and ultimately finish with more advanced tactics to see your blog grow.

Week 1 training units for Blog Focused
Week 1 of the Blog Focused training course

For each topic, there are also downloadable action plans and checklists – so you can make sure you are following the steps correctly.

There are also some case studies from James as well as some interviews with other successful money-making bloggers for inspiration.

There is also a training section specifically about how to use WordPress – which is really handy.

A more recent addition is content from the lives that James Hussey does in his private Facebook support group, which offers advice and reviews of members’ content (worth the price of admission alone!).

If you took the upsell bonuses (which you should as they are very reasonable) you’ll also get some done for you templates and (most important!) a legal pages package.

People always get nervy about legal pages (what should you have and what should they say) so this is a very welcome addition. Make sure you pick these up – you’ll be sorry if you don’t…

Blog Focused Structure

James’ blogging course is broken down into a four-week structure, with multiple lessons for each week, which I’ll outline below.

Week 1 Foundations

This week takes you through choosing what your blog will be about, making sure there are things out there you can use to monetize and actually creating the basis for your blog.

This includes some really useful info about how to choose a good domain name (and where to go to look for them) and well as buying and setting up hosting for your blog.

The lessons include:

  • Day 1: Niche selection and offers
  • Day 2: Getting into the right mindset
  • Day 3: Domain selection and review
  • Day 4: The right hosting
  • Day 5: Getting your site installed.

By the end of this section, you’ll have your site all set up and ready to go.

Week 2: Website setup and branding

This week has a strong focus on making sure you new site is set up the right way, has all the plugins you need and is branded and ready to show to the world.

Setting up WordPress for blogging to make money
Blog Focused will show you how to set up WordPress the right way

It also talks you through making your first posts (an essential lesson if you’re new to WordPress).

The lessons include:

  • Day 1: WordPress overview
  • Day 2: Plugins and themes
  • Day 3: Branding
  • Day: 4 Your first post and DFY pages
  • Day 5 (optional) Creating a post using Thrive Architect.

By the end of this week, you’re ready to start creating your money-making content πŸ™‚

Week 3: SEO, research and structure

Things move up a gear this week as James explains what SEO and how it works. Even though its a complex topic, the videos are very easy to understand, even if you are completely new to SEO.

SEO is the best way to make money from blogging
SEO is your key to success with blogging – and Blog Focused teaches you how

The Lessons Include:

  • Day 1: What is SEO?
  • Day 2: On page and off page SEO
  • Day 3: Site structure
  • Day 4: Keyword Research
  • Day 5: Creating your second post
  • Day 6 (no beer for you this week!) Saving page templates

By the end of this week you’ll really understand how blogging works, and what you need to do in order to make money with it.

I think if you are completely new to SEO, this module will probably take you more than week as you might need to go through the videos a few times to make sure you really understand it.

This is not because the videos aren’t clear, it’s just because (imo) if you literally knew nothing about SEO before getting Blog Focused, there are some pretty big concepts to get your head around.

Of course, if you need any extra help, James Hussey provides support through the Facebook group.

Week 4: Monetisation, scaling and launching

This is the week where you should be launching your blog to the world!

Launch your affiliate marketing blog
Time to launch your affiliate marketing blog to the world!

The lessons include:

Day 1: Find products for the future
Day 2: Keyword research part 2
Day 3: Different monetization strategies
Day 4: Social media (the first steps)
Day 5: Scaling (how to keep a target and grow)
Day 6: Backlinks and authority
Day 7: Final Thoughts

This module is jam packed full of info for the long-term growth of your money-making blog. I know this module is broken down into a week, but really, this is information and processes you’ll be using forever (if you keep blogging – and you should!).

Some really advanced methods and concepts are discussed here, which will help get your blog ranking and (most importantly) making money.

Take action on what you find in this section and you’ll be setting yourself up for that passive income we’re all after πŸ™‚

The Private Facebook Group

As well as the course itself, you also get lifetime access to the Private Facebook group.

Basically, this means you are getting direct access to James Hussey to ask any questions you have, and even get him to look through your blog/posts for you and offer advice.

Blog Focused Private Facebook Group
Blog Focused Private Facebook Group

It’s also a great way of connecting with other like-minded members.

This is a brilliant addition – so many courses just leave you hanging on support, but not Blog Focused.

James is very active in the group (unlike other course vendors in their groups…) and genuinely wants to help people grow their blogs into successful businesses.

I’ve had James review several of my posts inside the group, and the feedback has been incredibly insightful – and delivered ‘gently’ πŸ˜‰

How much does Blog Focused Cost?

At the time of writing this, you can buy Blog Focused for just $100.

However this is a launch price, so may (and tbh should) increase over time.

Is Blog Focused Worth it?

If you are wanting to start a blog that makes money from affiliate marketing, I really don’t see how you can do better than Blog Focused.

The course teaches you everything you need – even if you have never created a blog before and the price is insanely low for the value inside. Also having direct access to James Hussey through the Facebook group is worth the price of admission alone.

yes - blog focused is worth the price
Wooden Lady Bugs don’t lie!

I’ve purchased a lot of courses in my time, and I can honestly say this is incredible value for money.

Without Blog Focused and James Hussey, I would never have created this blog. Is it the best blog in the world? No – BUT it is new, it is growing, starting to rank AND I’ve even had my first couple of sales from it now.

So I am proof that it works!

Of course, you need to understand that blogging and SEO are the ‘long game’ – it won’t make you rich the day you launch your blog, but if you keep following the steps inside, you can make a real long term passive income from this stuff.

Of course you do need to actually keep writing posts, the course isn’t going to do that for you!

Bottom line: If you’re reading this post then you have at least some interest in making money from blogging, so do yourself a favour and go pick up Blog Focused now – you won’t regret it.

It really is the A-Z of how to make money from blogging, and the training is really easy to follow.

You can pick up Blog Focused from the link below – you can rest assured this is an affiliate link, if it wasn’t, then I wouldn’t be doing the point of the course justice πŸ˜‰

Blog Focused by James Hussey - review
  • Content
  • Ease of use
  • Value for money
  • Overall


Great value for money and a genuine way to set up yourself up for earning long time passive income. Best value course I’ve ever purchased. Follow the steps and you will be successful. This is not a push button solution – you will need to take action to achieve success, but James is there to help you all the way.