Commissions Lead Machine Review

Commissions Lead Machine is a new product from Neil Moran and Wayne Crowe. I’ve been lucky enough to get beta access and have been using it for a while now – so unlike most reviews, I’ve not only been using it, but personally know Neil and Wayne (I will still be writing an honest review though!).

Basically, Commissions Lead Machine is a both a training product and software geared around using Facebook to build a buyers list and using Facebook to get affiliate commissions.

Commissions lead machine by Neil Moran and Wayne Crowe
Commissions Lead Machine by Neil Moran and Wayne Crowe

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Who are Neil Moran and Wayne Crowe?

Neil Moran is a successful affiliate marketer who has also had a number of product launches on Warrior Plus. Perhaps his most well known is his CPA marketing course ‘PPC Steps’ (well worth checking out by the way).

Wayne Crowe is probably one of the largest solo ad vendors out there (check my post on what are solo ads) and more recently known for creating the OLSP system (check my review of the OLSP System).

Well now they have partnered up to create the Commissions Lead Machine product.

Both Neil and Wayne have a huge wealth of experience in internet/affiliate marketing and have a developed a very interesting way to use Facebook to get affiliate commissions.

Commissions Lead Machine front end

Commissions lead machine front end training with Neil Moran
Commissions Lead Machine case study (first video)

The Commissions lead Machine product is a case study by Neil showing how he was able to generate $1600 plus per week in commissions from the OLSP system, just by using Facebook.

This meant no advertising costs – as with anything organic, the only cost was time (more on that later..).

As well as taking you through exactly what he did, Neil Moran also has various templates for Facebook covers, example posts and even shows you some tools you can use for free to create stand out content for your posts.

Neil also takes you through how to find the right people on Facebook to friend – creating a buyers (friend) list – rather than just filling up your list with freebie seekers.

If you’re new to Facebook marketing this is a great set of training to get you up and running.

If you’re a seasoned veteran then a lot of this will be familiar to you already, but hey this bit is a measly $12.95.

Commissions Lead Machine Software

This software is the main focus – the ‘machine’ itself. This software is a Chrome plugin that interacts with Facebook in a number of ways, essential turning Facebook into a CRM and autoresponder.

It has a number of features including:

  • Auto friending based on members of a group. You can set parameters, like ‘new members’, ‘members with things in common’ AND set how many to friend in one go
  • Auto friending based on people that engaged with a specific post
  • Randomising message text (based on variants you set up) so that Facebook is not suspicious
  • Tagging of people on your friends list
  • Automate (different) messages to send as part of a friend request
  • Auto commenting – and the ability to trigger messages based certain comment triggers
  • Auto message replies based on trigger words (bit like a chat bot would)
  • Broadcast messaging to tags and segments (using messenger like an autoresponder)
Commissions lead machine software friender settings for Facebook
Commissions Lead Machine Friend request in action

I’ve been test this out for a couple of months now, and to be fair it is a gamechanger. Honestly it was a little buggy at first, but over the last few weeks that has all been ironed out and it has been working very smoothly.

There is a LOT to this software, but Neil Moran’s training videos that accompany this upgrade make it very easy to understand.

Honestly – if you use (or want to use) Facebook to get and engage with targeted leads, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

One word review for ‘the machine’ – awesome.

Nuff said – you need this!

Commissions lead machine Facebook messenger automation
The automation in action

There are a number of pricing options (monthly, yearly) BUT as this is launch week, I wouldn’t be surprised if there ends up being a lifetime deal on the launch event on Monday

Boost Your Facebook Reach With Comment Dominator

Comment dominator has been running inside OLSP for sometime now (for a video of it in action see my OLSP review).

Basically is provides a way to crowd-source comments from other OSLP members on your Facebook posts to boost their reach.

You login to the system, where you’ll see posts from other members. You comment (and verify) that you’ve commented on at least 5 posts then you get to submit your own post for others to comment on.

Using the comment dominator to increase Facebook reach

This is a great way of boosting your organic reach. To date, comment dominator has only been used to promote posts relating to OLSP (which is fair enough as Wayne and crew built it).

But this launch sees the pro version launching which has a couple of VERY interesting features. Including the ability to buy comments for your posts.

Obviously this wont appeal to everyone, but if you’re in a niche that is hard to advertise directly on Facebook for (make money online, nutra etc etc) this could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

There is one additional feature as part of the Comment Dominator Pro launch, which I think is going to be very very popular indeed….see below…..

Get Paid To Comment On Facebook Posts

Yes, you read that right.

With comment dominator pro you can get paid to make comments on other people’s posts.

How many comments do you think you could make a day? How easily can you comment whilst working on something else and tabbing in and out? I really think this is going to be huge.

There is a one time buy in of $97 then you can access this feature. Comments will earn you $0.25, so by my maths that’s 388 comments to break even. Then you’re in profit on comment 389.

Obviously this is not a huge amount of money – BUT I merrily did this whilst doing other stuff online – it racked up easily, and surprisingly quickly.

And of course there are parts of the world where the sort of hourly rate you could achieve with this is actually very appealing work.

Of course this is only successful if there is a steady stream of people willing to buy comments, but from what I’ve heard behind the scenes (as I say I’ve had beta access to all this prior to launch) there are already people queing up to buy comments.

Facebook Marketing Masterclasses

Neil Moran and Wayne Crowe offer a series of weekly (live) masterclass sessions for people that wont to really kick start their success with the products. This is an optional upgrade (price TBC).

Obviously as I’m writing this as a beta user, these sessions haven’t happened yet, but I’ll update this post once they have 🙂


Another optional upgrade is OLSP VIP access, this is the top tier coaching and training from Wayne Crowe.

This includes:

  • On demand training for every traffic source you can think of (from solo ads, Google, Bing through to Tik Tok)
  • TD Pages – a squeeze page builder (that now includes done for you funnels)
  • Weekly live coaching sessions and masterclasses
  • Weekly meetup (currently on Zoom/Facebook rooms) for networking
  • Access to blog and social media automation tools
  • DFY blogging and social media posting
  • A hefty discount on Wayne’s T1 only solo ad traffic.

Price $297 – likely deals available in launch week.

A go into more detail about VIP in my OLSP review.

Commissions Lead Machine Conclusion

Neil Moran has proven results in his strategy. No matter how good you think you are, you’re sure to learn something from the front end case study. Given the price of $10 anyone should pick this up.

The Commissions Lead Machine software will genuinely change the way you use Facebook (unless of course you are already using a similar tool). The ease with which you can quickly build a friends list of buyers in your niche, and then follow up and communicate with them, is frankly mind blowing.

I know there are similar tools out there, but I think this is the only one to bring ALL the functionality into a single product – friender, message automation, auto response and broadcast message campaigns.

As I said before, I’ve personally been testing it ahead of the launch – hand on heart, it’s great.

I would say that it’s an essential purchase.

Comment dominator is a great addition to increase your Facebook reach further. The buy in to earn money from commenting won’t be for everyone, but I can see how this will be really popular. People already using the ‘original’ comment dominator inside OLSP have seen great results. So this method is tried and tested.

The other upsells, especially VIP definitely won’t be for everyone – but I understand why Wayne is keen to introduce people to the OLSP ecosystem through the launch.

VIP is a solid product in it’s own right. But if I’m honest, not totally aligned to a launch about making money from Facebook specifically.

Obviously as with any tool or training – it’s up to you to make something of it. Simply adding loads of targeted buyers to your friends list isn’t going to make you money – you need to nurture those leads and convert them into sales 🙂 Of course, the training and masterclasses will help you with that.

TLDR if you intend to make money from leads on Facebook, don’t already have a tool that does what I’ve mentioned above – you are seriously missing out if you don’t take Commissions Lead Machine.

It’s a great product, sat alongside training from someone who has proven that it works.