How To Use Solo Ads

Before you rush off and start placing a solo ad order, it’s important that you understand how solo ads work – and most importantly, how you can use them to make money. 

If you’re don’t know what solo ads are, then make sure you check out my article explaining it all – but for now, I’ll assume you do know.

Make money with solo ads

In this post I’ll be going through what you should be doing when you place that solo ad order, and how you can make money with solo ads and affiliate marketing. 

Disclaimer: Don’t blame me if you don’t get rich! 

Table of Contents

There Are 3 Main Ways To Make Money From Solo Ads (as I see it):

  1. Building your email list
  2. Making front end affiliate commissions on products
  3. Selling solo ads (which might not be what you think…)

Of course, you can (and maybe should) do all 3. 
I’ll break down each one in detail, and hopefully up your email marketing game in the process πŸ™‚ 

Making sure you are buying quality solo ad traffic

Whilst not a way of making money with solo ads, it’s certainly a way of losing a lot of money fast.

If your traffic is crap it doesn’t matter what else you do – your efforts will be wasted. In my solo ads post, I talk about where to find good solo ad vendors so I won’t cover that too much here.

Look for reviews and recommendations before even considering a solo vendor – and be VERY wary of cheap clicks. Anyone offering dirt cheap clicks will be sending you garbage traffic, I guarantee.

The best thing you can do (beyond get personal recommendations) is invest in a click tracking tool. This will allow you to see where the traffic is coming from and if it is being flagged as Bot traffic.

There are lots of click trackers out there but most people use either Clickmagick or Qliker to monitor solo ads. They also have some other useful features we’ll be discussing later on relating to rotators (PS these are NOT affiliate links).

If you want an affiliate link to click on however πŸ˜› here is my personal recommendation – Wayne sells the best solo ad traffic I have come across. You can check out his solo ad traffic on his website.

Building Your Email List

The main reason most people use solo ads is to build their email list. Of course that on it’s own wont make you any money. Getting people from other email list owners onto your own list, is all well and good – but you need to be monetising them. 

Of course making money from email marketing is a huge topic (and many posts in their own right) – so lets just assume that you know how to email people affiliate offers and focus on the solo ad part. 

If the main goal of your solo ad campaign is to build your list, you need to focus on maximising your opt in rate. You want as many people as possible to get onto your list from each solo ad run.  

How To Increase Your Solo Ad Opt In Rate

There are a few ways to maximise the opt in rate on your squeeze page. The main thing is getting people on your list who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

It’s tempting to go down the tried and tested route of offering something for free (often referred to as a lead magnet) BUT the problem with that is, you end up in a situation where you are sending a lot of emails to people who are not interested in what you have to offer, and aren’t looking to spend any money.

It’s best to stick to a system that will increase your opt in rate and at the same time, ‘qualify’ people as potential buyers.

This is a balancing act between writing an appealing headline (which let’s be honest ‘stretches’ the truth sometimes…) whilst, making it clear what sort of product is on offer – or at least the sorts of products you intent to email people in the future.

To give an example, there is no point (arguably) in getting people to opt into your list on the basis of wanting a ‘done for you system’ when all the offers you have to follow up with are training courses. People just wont be interested.

So What Should Your Squeeze Page Contain?

For solo ads it really just needs to be a simple headline and an email box. Period. No fancy images, no paragraphs – just keep it simple.

Let’s look at the example below:

Solo ad squeeze page

In many ways it isn’t telling you much at all. In fact the ‘what could this be?’ element is what encourages people to opt in.

But, it is evoking the idea of quitting your job and that working from home could be even more profitable. It also give a sense of immediacy by repeating the phrase ‘today’ – to imply that this is something that can happen right now, and the opportunity shouldn’t be missed.

This very generic type of squeeze page is perfect for when you aren’t trying to push a specific offer. But we’ll cover tactics for that when we talk about front end commissions.

The Importance Of Split Testing Your Squeeze Pages

When running solo ads it’s important to split test because the only way to really know if your ads are doing the job is to test them out.

If you run the same ad 100 times hoping that it will eventually starting working and it doesn’t, you’ll just lose money. And in fact this is what most people do then declare ‘solo ads don’t work’ and quit.

You should run at least 2 different squeeze pages to see what works best with your traffic source. The best way to split test is by using a tool like Clickmagick or Qliker and to set up an incoming rotator.

An incoming rotator lets you specify what % of traffic gets to see each squeeze page. This way you can find a ‘winner’ and then (ideally) start the process again with the winner and a new squeeze page.

Using a rotator you can allocate a % of solo ad traffic to each squeeze page

Some tools even automatically find a winner and then ‘turn off’ the loser so that you aren’t wasting traffic.

Over time, you will increase your opt in rates considerably using this method – but there is no sugar coating it – this takes time and money.

Another tactic is to use an exit intent pop up (with another opt in box) – so that if someone doesn’t respond to your page there is a chance to catch their email before the disappear completely.

Making Front End Affiliate Commissions On Products

Much like maxing your opt in rate – in order to make the most commissions, can you guess what I’,m going to say? Yep, split test those offers. That’s right this time you want to set an outgoing rotator so that when someone opts in they’re taken to offer 1, 2 or 3*. Work out which is the best, then kill off the others.

This is why you sometimes see very generic squeeze pages like the one above – it is perfect for testing offers because it’s basically telling you nothing about what the offer is.

*obviously the amount offers you can test depends on how much traffic you’re running – you wont be able to test much on 100 clicks…

Outgoing solo ad rotator
An outgoing rotator splits your clicks between offers

Sound expensive? Yep…BUT OK, OK there are some other things we can do too πŸ™‚

Make The Squeeze Page Congruent With The Offer

So you’ve spent loads of money split testing and found the perfect offer that will convert (you did do that right?….:P πŸ˜‰ ) – great! So now is the time to make the squeeze page less vague. You’ll get a higher conversion rates from your solo ad run (and therefore more affiliate commissions) if you line make your squeeze page ‘congruent’ with the offer.

So in practical terms what does that mean? Well it’s actually really simple:

  • Make your squeeze page headline the SAME as the offer – no point trying to reinvent the wheel here. Just take it and copy and paste it in as your headline. If the product is converting well, you can be damn sure they’ve split tested that headline more than you ever would(!)
  • Use the same colour scheme as the offer page – really simple, but effective. That way when someone opts in and is taken to the offer it doesn’t feel like they’ve gone to a completely different site.
  • Try and use the same font/font sizes as the offer page – again – just try and mimic as much as you can (NOT legal advice…)
High converting squeeze page headline
This headline and colour scheme is lifted straight from the offer page – and it converted really well

Use Leave Behind Pages

A ‘pro’ technique to maximise your clicks is to use leave behind pages. This is where a different page (in this case linking to a different offer) is left underneath the main offer when someone opts in.

So the flow would be:
squeeze page -> someone opts in -> main offer (or outgoing rotator link) opens in a new tab -> the squeeze page (still on the original tab) is redirected to either: a new offer, a new outgoing rotator or a page you create with a button to a new offer.

Doing this will ensure you are getting the potential for the maximum possible clicks when someone opts in. Trust me it works! And more clicks = more chance to earn affiliate commissions.

Leave behind page
Leave behind pages ensure you get maximum clicks from your solo ad run

Some (less scrupulous) solo ad vendors will use huge chains of leave behinds with new squeeze pages and buttons all over the place, to populate multiple lists and generate more clicks – don’t be that person. That sucks for the user.

In my opinion, one leave behind is fair enough – any more is ‘not cool’.

If you want to do a leave behind you can use javascript:

On your form tag add: 

onsubmit="return checkForm()"

Then underneath your form add:

<script type="application/javascript">
function checkForm(){

	if ('@', 0) == -1) {
		alert("Please Enter a valid Email Address");;
		return false;
   location.href = "";
    }, 1000);
    return true;

Of course the tool that you use to build squeeze pages might well let you set up leave behinds without having to manually enter any code πŸ™‚

Selling solo ads

This might seem like an odd entry, but probably the best way to make money with solo ads, it to sell them!

Most people think that solo ad sellers have huge email lists (some do…) BUT the ‘secret truth about solo ads‘ (hmm should put that on a squeeze page…) is that most people are not selling their own traffic – and therefore don’t need to have any list at all!

Yep, many many solo ad vendors are actually brokering traffic from the people that DO have huge email lists.

This is by far the most profitable thing you can do with solo ads. Almost 100% profit…

All you need is a link tracking tool so you can monitor the clicks and make sure the customer only gets as many as they paid for.Then divert any overspill to another client, an offer or you own squeeze page.

Someone orders 1000 clicks – you go to your solo ad vendor and order 1000 clicks and send them to the person that purchased this from you – profit! You have no outlay – you are being fronted the money to buy from your vendor!

Of course it’s not as easy as all that, you need to build a rep, advertise etc – but as you can see, this is probably the only way of using solo ads where you wont lose money (or need to split test!).

Summing up

I know this was a long post, but there is a lot to solo ads – and in many ways I’ve only scratched the surface.

The TLDR is really – to be successful with solo ad traffic you need to split test everything – your squeeze pages, the offers you send people to (and probably your solo ad vendors…lol).

It’s not a cheap thing to do, it takes time, effort AND money.

So if you’ve only ever bought 100 clicks and sent it to the first squeeze page you could knock together and the first MMO offer you saw on Warrior plus – sorry, but you ain’t doing it right πŸ™‚

That’s probably all the help I can give you – I hope you found it useful.

Actually there is one more thing I can do for you – I’ll take away the need to ‘split test’ solo ad vendors.

Below I’ll leave a link to the guy that taught me all this – his list is huge, his traffic is legit. You won’t go wring there.

Happy testing! πŸ˜€