Is OLSP Dominator Worth It?

If you’ve read my full review of the OLSP system by Wayne Crowe, you’ll know that there are a LOT of elements to the system.

However, the most common question people ask who are new to the system (and maybe looking to invest a bit of money to speed up their progress) is ‘is being an OLSP dominator worth it?’.

In this post, I’ll give you my honest opinion as someone that has been a paid-up OLSP dominator for almost 6 months.

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What Is An OLSP Dominator?

OLSP Dominator
The OLSP Dominator screen

First things first, let’s talk about exactly what an OLSP dominator is – so everyone is on the same page 🙂

For $99 a month you can subscribe to be an OLSP Dominator with Wayne Crowe. This means that you will get a share of his traffic targeted at people looking to earn money online from affiliate marketing every month.

This traffic has been through the process of being converted to the point of signing up and creating an OLSP system account.

So, not only are you getting leads every month, but you are also getting people automatically added to your downline. And anyone in your downline that buys anything through/from Wayne Crowe will earn YOU a commission.

So really OLSP dominator is ‘done for you OLSP sign-ups’.

Obviously, this is a very appealing product – especially for people starting out in OLSP, because you literally have to do nothing but pay a monthly subscription and your downline grows and grows (and therefore your potential to earn commission).

What Sort Of Traffic/Leads Are You Getting With OLSP Dominators?

When the dominator part of OLSP first launched, traffic was Tier 2 – the argument being that this meant you would get a lot of leads for your money. And affiliate marketing being a numbers games the more leads, the more chance of success.

However in reality a lot of the traffic was from countries that were no English speaking – which meant these leads couldn’t always follow or understand the training inside OLSP. In turn, this meant they didn’t take action, and therefore didn’t spend any money.

This led to a LOT of complaints from OLSP dominator members and people started cancelling their subscriptions.

So Wayne Crowe stepped in and made some changes. So now (I’m writing this in 2021) ALL dominator traffic is Tier 1 only.

That means all leads added to your downline are from countries like USA, UK, Australia etc.

And of course, these countries are traditionally ‘richer’ – so there is a higher chance that they will be willing to invest in OLSP (and earn you commissions).

This was a very popular move – although the downside is that (as Tier 1 traffic is more expensive) you will now get far fewer leads than you did under the old system.

That said, the overwhelming majority of OLSP dominators have welcomed this, saying that they prefer quality over quantity.

How Many Leads Do You Get As An OLSP Dominator?

Short answers…less than you used to when it was Tier 2.

Longer answer – well there is no actual set number of leads per month. It can really vary from week to week and month to month.

It’s important to understand that you are in effect buying a share in a pool of traffic that is being run to OLSP squeeze pages – therefore the number of optins and signups will never be a static number.

Some weeks I get 5 (converted) leads a day, sometimes as little as one per day. It really is quite random.

And that can be off-putting for people that have just signed up as a dominator as $99 a month is a lot of money to invest (especially for people very new to affiliate marketing).

All I can say is that from experience, it always averages out for me in such a way that I get converted OLSP signups cheaper than I can do it myself by running google ads (etc).

Don’t forget you are not just getting people that opted into a squeeze page, these are people that have been followed up with and gone as far as actually creating an account inside the OLSP system.

That’s actually quite a few steps to take – so these are warm leads.

Do OLSP Dominator Leads Earn You Money?

One of the most common things to see inside the OLSP dominator Facebook group is the comment ‘no-one is buying anything’. BUT then you ask how long they’ve been a dominator and it turns out they’ve got about 50 or so leads and are surprised they’re not rich yet…

The cold hard truth is, affiliate (and any other) kind of marketing is a numbers game. I mean, how many people do you think visit the BMW website a DAY? How many of them go and buy a BMW….? Same applies here.

At the end of the day, the more people in your downline, the more chance of making some money out it. Simple as that.

You can get lucky – I know someone in my downline who got commissions off of a dominator leads the first week he signed up as dominator (jammy ba*tard)…Fortunaltey as commissions are two-tier I benefitted from that too 😉

Have I made money from dominator leads? Yes abosultely.

Did it happen overnight? Nope.

And this kind of leads nicely to my next point

Can I Do Nothing And Profit From Being An OLSP Dominator?

The short answer is yes.

If these people are converted to OLSP system sign ups (which they are) that means they are also on Wayne Crowe’s email list. And he will email them. A LOT.

They are cookied to you FOR LIFE and anything Wayne sells them, you will earn a commission on.

So yes you could totally just sit back and do nothing and let Wayne Crowe do the work for you.

However, that’s not what I do.

You see inside your OLSP System there is a ‘meet the team’ tab. This allows you to download all of your leads to import to your autoresponder (and leads have agreed to this when creating an OLSP account – so no GDPR/data protection type worries there).

So I have a follow up sequence inside Get Response that I used to introduce myself and tell people about OLSP and try and help them learn the system.

Personally, I think this approach gets better results – but yes, you could literally do nothing.

Get Passive Income From OLSP Dominator

One massively overlooked part of OLSP dominators is how you can earn commissions from it.

Every person under you that becomes an OLSP dominator earns you $33 a month commission.

That might not sound a lot, but it soon adds up.

If you even get 3 people signed up as dominators, you are now getting dominator for free yourself – so that’s 100% free (converted) leads every month – nice!

I’m actually at the point where I have quite a few people under me as OLSP dominators so not only do I get it ‘for free’ – I also get a nice little passive income each month from it too (which is growing all the time).

And this point is very important – you will only earn commissions from dominator sign-ups if you are a dominator yourself. So if you are not a subscribed dominator and someone in your downline signs up – you earn nothing.

So as the saying goes ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’.

Personally, I’m not a fan of that approach as it feels very MLM BUT as it’s earning me money each month, I’ll just put that to one side and enjoy my commissions and leads…

So Do I Think Being An OLSP Dominator Worth It?

Yes, I do – the number of leads can very wildy at times. And a lot of people in your downline will just never do anything – that’s the truth.

BUT I have grown my list a lot through dominators AND (most importantly) it is making me profit.

Just go into it with your eyes open, and, I would urge you to be proactive with your leads.

If you’ve not joined OLSP yet you can sign up for free here.

If you’d like to watch the webinar replay about becoming an OLSP Dominator you can do that here.

Go get those leads!