OLSP system from Wayne Crowe – review

OLSP is a complete system for making money online through affiliate marketing. It provides full training in email marketing and list building, affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

As well as teaching you affiliate marketing, it also gives you products you can promote as an affiliate and also give you access to top quality solo ad traffic.

I have personally been using OLSP for 4 months or so now and actively promoting it. So I thought I’d write a review to explain what OLSP is all about, who Wayne Crowe is (the creator of the OLSP system) and why you should have a look at it yourself.

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My personal earnings to date with OLSP

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Who is Wayne Crowe?

If you’ve been involved in the make money online (mmo) or ‘bizop’ niche for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard of Wayne Crowe. He is one of the bigger solo ads providers out there. The chances are, if you’ve purchased solo ad,s the traffic will have been his (even if it has passed down several hands first).

Well, recently he has branched out and now has a number of digital products and has had many successful launches on Warriorplus. But his latest – and most exciting venture is his OLSP system.

OLSP system from Wayne Crowe – what is it?

OLSP is two things:

  1. A system for earning commissions online from Wayne’s digital product catalogue (and others)
  2. A full training system for affiliate marketing, that he provides for FREE.

Wayne Crowe’s approach with the OLSP system is to make it as easy as possible for people starting out online to earn their first commissions.

Unlike many so called ‘gurus’ that take your money up front and then (franky) disappear into the sunset, Wayne takes the exact opposite approach. He believes in providing value first (for free) and then over time as your commissions start rolling in from following the training, maybe you’ll want to invest in some of paid for training or products.

Personally I love this approach – I wish more people could see the sense in doing things this way around! And this is the whole basis of the OLSP system 

Give people the training that they need to start to understand affiliate marketing, give them a way of earning commissions and then – they will likely be a lifetime customer. Perfect 🙂

OLSP system free training

It is genuinely hard to believe quite how much training is being given away for free inside the OLSP system. The content Wayne Crowe is giving away could easily be sold for $500-$1000.

All of the content is delivered through a private Facebook group, making it easy to access on any device.

Now that is quite a claim so, here is a quick video showing you the reams of training that you get for free by signing up for OLSP (please note the sign up page has been made a bit prettier since I shot this video – but the training in the group is the same):

UPDATE: For completing the training you now earn $20 commissions :O

How to earn affiliate marketing commissions from OLSP

The beauty of the OLSP system is how easy it makes it, even for a complete affiliate marketing beginner, to earn commission.

We do the selling for you!

Wayne Crowe – OLSP System Creator

That is Wayne’s motto and he’s right. He is a monster email marketer and also runs a number of webinars every single week – if you get someone into his ecosystem and they buy something, you get commissions! It really is that simple.

In fact over the weekend I personally made $122 just by promoting one of his webinars on Facebook (which cost me nothing).

I didn’t pitch, I didn’t try and sell, I just posted a link to the webinar and a brief summary of what it was about. Pretty easy huh?

Building a team in OLSP

When you promote OLSP (by following the training) and someone clicks on one of your links – they are cookied to you for life. This means ANYTHING they buy, now or in the future you will earn affiliate commissions from.

Community and helping each other is at the heart of the OLSP system. There is a HUGE Facebook group full of people helping each other out. In fact the community just topped 75k members(!)

When someone joins OLSP from your link, they are in your ‘team’. This means that you can help them out – and in turn, the more you help your team members grow, the more commissions you are likely to earn.

It’s a nice approach – basically you will get rewarded for helping people 🙂

This extends even further as commissions in OLSP are two tier, meaning if someone under the person in your direct team earns – you will get a share that too.

At this point I want to be REALLY clear about something: The OLSP System is NOT an MLM.

As soon as I started talking about teams, people under you etc – you might have had some alarm bells ringing – but honestly it isn’t like that at all.

You can earn commissions in loads of different ways from OLSP:

  • People buying products from live events (held weekly)
  • People buying products that are developed by Wayne Crowe
  • People on recurring payments for certain training paths and done for you services*
  • People buying solo ad traffic

*there are lots of done for you services for those that want a helping hand – from done for you traffic through to done for you blogs.

OLSP Comment dominator

Another excellent part of the OLSP system is the completely free to use ‘comment dominator’ – this is a system that allows you to increase the reach of your facebook posts by (in effect) ‘crowd sourcing’ comments from other OLSP members.

This helps your post get seen by more people, which in turn gets more clicks on your link, which in turn leads to more sales – you get the picture.

Here is a video showing briefly how it works:

Dominator – get traffic done for you

One of the most ‘newbie friendly’ parts of the OLSP system is the dominator upgrade. This is an optional monthly paid for service where Wayne and his team will run traffic for you, follow up with leads and get them signed up to OLSP.

Once they are signed up – they ‘magically’ appear in your downline and are then cookied to you forever.

Given how appealing the done for you option is – it’s probably the most popular purchase within OLSP. That means it won’t be long before you are in fact getting it for free.

The dominator upgrade is only $99 per month, and you earn $33 a month commission for anyone under you that takes it. This means 3 (easy – everyone likes done for you) sales, and you are getting it for free – winning!

I have enough people under me with the upgrade that it is not only free for me, but also monthly profit (whilst at the same time growing my email list).

You can export these leads into your own autoresponder or follow up with them on Facebook (I do both) OR of course you can literally do nothing and let the system do the work for you.

Obviously the lazy option might earn you some commissions, but if you’re really looking to grow an affiliate marketing business – don’t be lazy!

Other done for you services inside OLSP

If you don’t have the time (or don’t want to spend the time) there are a number of ‘done for you services’ available inside OLSP beyond the Dominator traffic.

These include writing and maintaining blogs, through to social media posting.

These services go for a modest monthly fee – and to be clear, are geared around the promotion of OLSP and building your commissions in there.

Personally, I prefer to do things myself (I think you learn more that way). So I don’t use any of these services, but I can see the appeal if you don’t like making things difficult for yourself 🙂


The top tier product is VIP. This is expensive but if you’re wanting to take things seriously gives you access to a LOT of things.

Not only do you get access to an insane amount of in depth training (screenshot below), you also get TD pages, the blog management and social media management services thrown in as well (should you want to use them).

As well as that, there are weekly masterclasses and a more social Friday night zoom session. This is a great way to network with some big names in the affiliate marketing world and create lasting friendships.

You also get Wayne Solo Ad traffic at a hefty discount per click. In fact enough of a discount that some people use this to be solo ad vendors by reselling the clicks (that’s a post for another day…).

Within VIP people really help each other out and you can benefit from the the knowledge of the members that are already having a lot of success (6 figure plus earners).

As I say, this is not cheap ($297 PM) but apply what you learn in there (and use the relationships you build) and it will soon be more than paying for itself.

A lot of people in there actually create their own products and launch on Warrior + etc – so its quite common to be involved in beta testing products before they launch (which is awesome!).

Obviously at that price – its not for everyone. But people that take the option rarely leave (which tells you something).

The insane amount of training courses inside OLSP VIP

OLSP Commission loop – growth hacks

The latest addition to the OLSP system is called ‘growth hacks’. Growth hacks are done for you funnels to help you grow you email list (and OLSP downline) as quickly as possible.

These funnels are built using TD Pages, which is a squeeze page builder owned by Wayne and co and fully integrated into the OLSP ecosystem.

The growth hack I have been using the most is called commission loop – this funnel is packed with free step by step videos that teach someone how to set up commission loop to build their email list and get their email autoresponder set up.

Commission loop is free to try out – so you can take it for a spin yourself here.


If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing then this really is a no brainer. I have never seen anywhere else where you can get such a great start – and for free.

Not only that, but now as of May 2021, just for completing the free OLSP training, you will earn $20 commissions(!).

The training is worth hundreds, the ease of which you can get commissions is insane (Wayne really does do the selling for you).

There are lots of ways of spending money in OLSP for sure – but you don’t have to. There are people earning regular commissions just by following the Facebook training and using comment dominator.

Do I spend money with them? Absolutely – but only because I started having success with the free training and wanted to take things further. And it is paying off.

If you are already an experienced affiliate marketer then this will be like shooting fish in a barrel for you! If you’ve already got a make money online focussed list or following – send them to OLSP and see what happens, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

If you are looking to get started in affiliate marketing – give this a shot. You really can get started for free (I know everyone says that, but you can).

I would however, recommend that spend a little bit to kickstart your team (either buying solo ads for commission loop or paying for the dominator upgrade). You don’t have to do either – but you’ll see results faster for sure.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in and sign up now

Disclaimer: I am an active member of OLSP, so you can be damn sure any links in this article are affiliate links 🙂