PPC Steps By Neil Moran – Review

PPC steps by Neil Moran is a paid membership training course in CPA marketing.

(BTW PPC stands for pay per click ;))

If you’re not 100% on what CPA marketing is, check out my post here. If you do know and are keen to get started with CPA, is PPC steps the best way to learn? In this review, I’ll take you through everything on offer.

PPC steps by Neil Moran
PPC Steps By Neil Moran.

Table of Contents

Who Is Neil Moran?

Neil Moran is a PPC expert who has been a successful affiliate marketer for a good number of years.

He has a very strong background in CPA marketing and is well known for tracking and analytics skills.

He’s also had a number of successful product launches on Warrior Plus, most recently Commissions Lead Machine – you can read my review of that here.

Neil Moran PPC Steps Creator
Neil Moran PPC Steps creator (just add beer)

What Is PPC Steps About?

Basically, PPC steps training takes you through CPA marketing from complete beginner, all the way through to optimizing campaigns.

As with most CPA marketing, it focuses on paid traffic – mostly Pop and Push traffic (although Bing and Google ads are discussed in some of the later modules).

It also covers a variety of CPA affiliate networks and the sorts of different offers you can promote – like sweepstakes, push subscriptions lead gen and so on.

Who Is PPC Steps For?

The course is mostly aimed at complete beginners who are wanting to start out in CPA marketing and have literally never done it before.

That said, in the later modules there are some really detailed and advanced concepts explained – so even more experienced CPA marketers will find something useful inside.

However, if you are already running multiple profitable CPA campaigns, then to be honest this probably isn’t the course for you.

What Does PPC Steps Include?

PPC steps is broken down into a number of different modules. All of these are designed to be gone through sequentially (to start with) as the begin with CPA concepts, setting up tracking and launching your first CPA Pop campaign.

Inside PPC steps CPA modules
The different core modules inside PPC steps

One thing that is worth noting – is that PPC steps content is time-released. When you first sign up you cannot access all of the modules and content.

Each bit of content unlocks after a number of days, but if you are just starting out with CPA marketing, everything you need to keep you up and running is unlocked from the start.

Things unlock in the order you should be following the course, but of course, this is also a way of keeping you in the program.

PPC Steps is a monthly subscription and this approach stops you from paying for just one month and consuming all of the content and then disappearing off into the sunset. More on price later.

It’s a very complete course so I’ll try and break it all down below:

Section 1 – Easy CPA

This section is unlocked from the beginning and explains to you what CPA is, how to set up tracking, how to find some CPA offers to promote and launch your first few campaigns. It also focuses on using Pop traffic sources.

The modules in this section include:

  1. Set up – getting your tracker working and applying to CPA networks
  2. How to find converting CPA offers
  3. Optimization – very very important lesson!
  4. How to instantly double your commissions
  5. Finding stable CPA offers
  6. Case study high converting offer (with done for you campaign included)
  7. Done for you campaign two – forced commissions
  8. Guaranteed commission campaigns – how to use CPA bidding
  9. 11 point CPA action plan
  10. Easy CPA 2 (branching out)

So as you can see – even this first section has got PLENTY to keep you busy 🙂

Section 2 – Push Ads

As you’d expect from the title, this section deals with how to use Push Ads for CPA marketing (and list building on the cheap).

Push ad for CPA Marketing
Push Ad Example

The modules include:

  1. Push ads introduction
  2. Push ads essentials
  3. Ads and Images – a huge bank of downloadable images icons and headline ideas – worth its weight in gold!
  4. Push ads set up process
  5. DFY Ads and images – more ads you can use in your own campaigns
  6. Push ads action plan
  7. Breakdown of different push ad networks

There are so many resources in this section – it really is everything you need to get going with Push.

Section 3 Bing ads

This is a bit of an outlier in the sense that this section is not necessarily about pure CPA marketing. However, this is great info to have for anyone interesting in paid traffic methods.

That said it is completely possible to run things like sweepstakes and cost per sale offers on Bing.

And of course Bing is far (far) cheaper than advertising on Google 🙂

The modules include:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Tracking set up
  3. Campaign set up
  4. Optimization with Bing ads

Paid search advertising is very different from running pop traffic – and it is definitely a skill you’ll want to have under you belt.

Section 4 – List building

Although you might not expect to find list building in a CPA marketing course – it is an essential skill and something that can seriously help you increase your profits.

List building in CPA Marketing
List building is a great way to increase your CPA Marketing profits

By building your email list, you are creating your own traffic source. And this shouldn’t be underestimated – even in the CPA marketing space.

Just look at sweepstake and voucher offers – there are literally thousands of them across the CPA affiliate networks. If you build a list of people interested in ‘free stuff’ – there is no limit to their lifetime value if you keep emailing them different offers.

The modules include:

  1. 2885 leads in 7 days case study
  2. Tracking leads with Bemob
  3. Cheap top tier leads
  4. The ‘double whammy’ method
  5. Bing ads leads
  6. Squeeze pages
  7. List building with push ads (this is awesome btw!)
  8. 20,000 leads a month

This section of PPC steps could almost be a separate course in it’s own right and there are some very clever ideas in here.

Section 5 Golden Nuggets

This section of PPC steps is a collection of tips that span all of the subjects in the previous section.

It’s a very broad section, and arguably the content could have been split up and put in the relevant sections I listed above.

That said, as with the rest of PPC Steps, Neil Moran is sharing some very in depth knowledge – and there are indeed many ‘golden nuggets’ to be found here 🙂

Neil Moran's golden nuggets
Golden Nuggets from the mind of Neil Moran!

This section includes:

  1. CPV lab and GA funnel setup
  2. Google ads optimisation
  3. How to find high converting data
  4. High converting direct linking offers
  5. $1100 CPA payout offer funnel and squeeze pages
  6. Simple direct linking offers
  7. Increase your landing page load speed by 65%
  8. Video translation software
  9. Facebook quick cash method
  10. How to double your open rates on emails

This section is basically a masterclass on some of the finer details of affiliate and CPA marketing.

Section 6 Landers

This section is more resource than training. Although it does cover some tips for ensuring you SSL set up, it is mostly a vault of different CPA landing pages that you can download and adapt to use in your campaigns.

These landing pages are optimised flat HTML and load insanely fast (which as the rest of the training mentions). This is incredibly important in CPA marketing, especially if you are using Pop or Push as your traffic sources.

CPA landing pages in PPC steps
Just some of the CPA landing pages in PPC Steps

This is a great resource to have and lets you hit the ground running. Whilst direct linking campaigns do work in CPA marketing, you will usually get a much higher conversion rate by using a pre-plander.

So having a vault of done for you landing pages to adapt really does give you a head start. It is worth noting that to adapt these pages you will need to know a little bit of HTML (not much) – and Neil does take you through how to edit them in a video.

Is PPC Steps Worth Getting?

As you’ve seen from the rest of the post, the content in PPC Steps is vast.

If you’re looking to get into CPA marketing, I’m not sure what else you want from a course. It really is an A-Z of CPA marketing.

Neil Moran is a great teacher and explains things in a way that is very easy to understand (which is essential as some of the topics like tracking are by nature a bit complex).

I have learnt (and am still learning) a huge amount from PPC Steps and I fully recommend it – 100%.

As I mentioned previously, the pricing is a monthly subscription, which may put some people off – but it shouldn’t.

It costs $27 per month – so even if you stayed subscribed for 10 months that’s only $270. And usually CPA courses go for $500 up.

For your money you are getting so much knowledge. I think it’s totally worth it.

There is also an option to get lifetime access when you first join – and with the benefit of hindsight, I probably should have taken that (doh…). Hmm maybe I need to chat to Neil about that….

Whilst on the subject of chatting to Neil – all members of PPC Steps get access to a private Facebook group run by Neil where you can ask any questions.

Neil is very responsive and active in the group, so this is a great bonus to be a part of the program.

You can also try out PPC steps for 3 days for $3 – so there is really no excuse for not having a look 🙂


  • Literally everything you need to know to get started in CPA marketing
  • Very well explained (even more complex subjects)
  • HUGE amount of content on offer
  • Subject outside of CPA thrown in as well (for eg list building)
  • Direct access to Neil Moran through the private facebook group


  • Content is drip fed over time (so you don’t get access to everything when first signing up)
  • Monthly subscription (although there is a lifetime deal available – take it, I should have!)
  • Hilarious northern accent, especially when saying the word ‘zones’ 😛
PPC Steps By Neil Moran
  • Content quality
  • Ease of use
  • Price