Review of Affiliate Millionaire by Andrew Fox and Thomas Owen

Affiliate millionaire is a brand new program that was just released by Andrew Fox, a well-known affiliate marketer and trainer, and delivered by Thomas Owen. 

The training program teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing using Facebook ads.

One of the reasons it took me over a week to write this review is because I didn’t want to reveal my true thoughts about the course until after I finished it.

And there is a LOT in the course.

I don’t want to be one of those launch-jacking people that write a review for launch when they don’t even own the course – let alone having worked through it. 

I’ve bought the course – I’ve worked through all the training myself, and this is my qualified review of Affiliate Millionaire.  

Will it make you a millionaire? Let’s find out 🙂

The Affiliate Millionaire Facebook ad training program members area
The Affiliate Millionaire members area – Andrew Fox introduction video

Table of Contents

What is Affiliate Millionaire?

Affiliate Millionaire is a training course specifically about how to use Facebook ads for affiliate marketing with Clickbank. Of course, you could apply the training to any affiliate network, but Clickbank is used for all of the examples throughout the training. 

It’s important to really stamp this point home – this training is about using paid ads. And as I’ve mentioned in my other blog posts about using paid traffic sources, paid traffic = testing budgets. 

Your first campaign will not be a winner – with paid traffic you need to spend money to make money. If you’re not on board with that, this is not the course for you. 

Ok so now that’s out of the way, if you’re still reading I’ll assume you’re up for some paid ads. Ok cool – on with the review. 

Who are Andrew Fox and Thomas Owen?

Andrew Fox has a long history in affiliate marketing and has even had a string of successful product launches, from training courses through to apps like Zapable (which allows you to create and publish your own apps to resell). 

He’s very well known in affiliate circles – definitely does some HUGE numbers and can truly be considered a ‘super affiliate’. 

Thomas Owen actually delivers the training and is one of Andrew Fox’s students (and massive success stories). Thomas is now doing some very impressive figures on Clickbank daily using the exact methods that he teaches in this course (multiple 6 figures).

Who is Affiliate Millionaire for?

As with any course – this is not for everyone. In my opinion…

Affiliate Millionaire is NOT for:

  • People who are complete beginners to affiliate marketing
  • People that want to focus on organic traffic
  • People that do not want to spend money on ads
  • People that aren’t prepared to lose some ad spend testing out campaigns and offers
  • People that don’t want to get into anlayising data through a tracker to optimise their conversions ROI
  • People that want a ‘push button’ solution.

Affiliate Millionaire IS for:

  • People that want to take their affiliate marketing to the next level
  • People that want to focus on paid ads as their traffic source (and Facebook specifically)
  • People that have some understanding of how marketing and ads work – but want to really take it to the next level
  • People that understand and are willing to invest in testing out camapigns and offers.

What’s inside Affiliate Millionaire?

As you’d expect, the Affiliate Millionaire training program contains a number of different modules that take you through setting up affiliate marketing through Facebook ads step by step. 

What I personally did NOT expect however, was the level of detail that Thomas goes into. 

As well as the modules in the core training, there is also a private Facebook group (where both and Andrew and Thomas are very active) and a few upsells which I can go through in a bit. 

So let’s look at the modules in order:

Affiliate Millionaire Module 1: Mindset

This module is about changing your mindset to the point where you start thinking like an affiliate marketer rather than someone selling a product – and prepares you for the reality of what to expect when using Facebook for affiliate marketing.

Personally, I don’t naturally think like this, and I really liked the honesty. Especially about how Facebook WILL close your accounts at some point, you can let that defeat you or dust yourself off and keep going.

Thomas goes into great detail on how he got there, and this is something that I think will be useful to everyone regardless of whether or not you normally skip anything ‘mindsetty’, or already think you have mindset sorted. 

As you can see from the number of videos in this section, mindset is something Thomas takes very seriously. This is not just a short video of someone telling you ‘you’re a tiger bro, go crush it!11!!’  (people that do this, you know who you are…). 

I was really taken aback by the honesty in this section.

You’d kind of expect a course like this to start off telling you how easy it’s going to be to get rich (we know it isn’t that easy, but this is what courses are usually like…). Nothing of the sort here – Thomas gives an honest opinion of both the highs and lows of the affiliate marketing journey and why you should stick with it. 

Affiliate Millionaire Module 1 - mindset
Affiliate Millionaire Module 1

The videos in this section include:

  • Knowing your numbers
  • The triangle of productivity 
  • Stay focussed, stay striving
  • Dealing with the dark side
  • Pros and cons
  • Why you need to diversify your affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Affiliate Millionaire Module 2: Research

This module in Affiliate Millionaire is all about how to find the best niches and offers to promote – and also angles you can take to advertise them. 

I personally found the research section very useful.

Don’t be tempted to skip this module – even if you think you know Clickbank, you WILL find some ‘golden nuggets’ in there (I loved the perspective on why popularity is a more valuable metric than gravity). 

You can’t just jump in and start promoting affiliate offers (until you know how), and without some research, you’re going to end up spending money on stuff that doesn’t work. 

Thomas starts by explaining what the research process is (in this case, using the Clickbank affiliate network) and goes through the steps of finding a good offer to promote. 

Included in this process is the use of spy tools and how it can really help with this. 

Again there is a LOT of detail in this section, Thomas has provided a lot of value and in-depth assessment here. A lot of time is also spent talking about the relative merits of different niches from both a risk and profit perspective.

Again the program Affiliate Millionaire is delivering on it’s promise here. 

You WILL learn something from this module, even if you’ve been doing affiliate marketing for a while.  

Affiliate Millionaire - inside the research module
Affiliate Millionaire – inside the research module

The videos in this section include:

  • Finding the hottest niches
  • Hot offers
  • Trusted affiliate networks
  • Tips to increase AOV (average order value)
  • Safe niches

Affiliate Millionaire Module 3: Landers

This section of Affiliate Millionaire focuses on the sorts of pages you send your Facebook ads to. 

Having the right kind of landing pages is super important for two reasons:

  1. To maximise your conversions (make more money!)
  2. To reduce the chances of your ad account being shut down – very important! 

Thomas Owen goes through a lot of detail here about 3 main types of landing page, why they work and the relative benefits of using one over another. 

The 3 different types of landing page are:

Splash Page

The simplest kind of landing page – and also the riskiest to run. Thomas Owen shows one of his high converting splash pages and discusses why it has worked so well. 

He is also quick to point out that this is probably not the sort of page to run on a new Facebook ad account. 

These are the sort of pages you might be used to seeing on native platforms. 

Blog style advertorial

A pretty safe page to run, possibly lower CTR than a splash page BUT (he argues) more warmed up traffic and the time spent on page can really help Facebook look favorably on your ad account.

Time on page helps tell Facebook people are enjoying your content, so this helps not only with the chances of being banned, but can actually reduce the costs of clicks. 

Of course the other benefit of this approach is that it looks a lot less like and advert, which in itself can help foster engagement and click throughs. 

Quiz style page

I found this video the most interesting in this section/module of Affiliate Millionaire. 

I’ve heard a lot about ‘quiz funnels’ before and how they can increase conversions, but had never delved into the detail. 

Again Affiliate Millionaire does not disappoint and Thomas shows a very detailed example of how a quiz style lander works – and explains at length (in a good way) why quizzes are his favourite type of landing page to run. 

It does seem fair for me to give away all the details but I think it’s widely understood that quizzes are a great way of warming a prospect up to get them into ‘buying mode’ and that Facebook will see the engagement on the quiz as a huge positive for your account (in the same way as the blog style lander).

As well as talking about quiz funnels in general, he walks us step by step through one of his high converting quizzes in the Nutra niche (use that info as you see fit…).

It’s worth noting that one of the upsells for Affiliate Millionaire is the ‘My Super Affiliate Builder’ which is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to easily create your own Quiz funnels inside WordPress – I’ll write about this in the upsells section, but for now, I’ll just let you know that I bought it and it’s VERY good. 

Affiliate Millionaire - inside the landers module
Affiliate Millionaire – inside the landers module (l blurred the image to be fair to Thomas)

The videos in this module include:

  • the 3 types of landers
  • 4 questions that boosted clickthroughs (quiz funnels)
  • Blog style lander with cheap clicks
  • Splash page with 1.73 EPCs

Honestly, by this point in the course, you are thinking that you’ve already had more than your money’s worth, but there is more – much more!

Affiliate Millionaire Module 4 – tracking your campaigns

If you’re running any kind of paid traffic (even if you don’t to be fair), you NEED to have robust tracking in place. 

If you don’t, you’re just throwing you money away.

This module goes into the steps you need to take to get this all set up in the context of running Facebook ads. 

One slighlty out of place video, is about running email follow up campaigns, I suppose there is an element of tracking to this, but this could easioly have sat in another section (to be clear: It is still a very worthwhile video to watch). 

This section starts to get more technical with some of the detail around the use of the Facebook pixel, the conversion API (CAPI) and so on – but this is the reality of runnig paid traffic. You NEED to get your head around this stuff. 

To be fair, Thomas Owen does a good job of explaining what can be a quite complex subject – but expect to revisit this section a few times. 

You are not going to remember all the details after a single watch through. 

The only thing I would note about this section is that Thomas focuses on the use of Binom as his tracker of choice. However, in the private Facebook group he was stated that he is now in the process of moving over to Redtrack. 

I presume this is becuase Redtrack (like a couple of opther more recent trackers) focusses on server side tracking and cookieless tracking (which can get around OS tracking issues and other things I wont bore you with here…). 

So I hope once the migration is complete, that he comes back and updates this section. 

Affiliate Millionaire - inside the tracking module
Affiliate Millionaire – inside the tracking module

The videos in the tracking module include:

  • Creating the optimal email follow up campaign that has generated $500-$1000 a day
  • Setting up Facebook CAPI (converison API)
  • Setting up Google Tag Manager
  • The ‘hidden’ golden standard of Ad Tracker
  • Setup Binom tracking campaign. 

Affiliate Millionaire Module 5: Traffic

This module is the largest in the Affiliate Millionaire training program. And for good reason – this dives into getting things set up and actually running some ads. 

The first half of this module deals with how to set up your Facebook Business and Ad accounts. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP as it includes some in depth strategies that you need to pay attention to in order to increase the resilience of your Facebook set up (and lessen the impact of potential bans etc). 

It would not be fair of me to talk about the detail of this as this in the sort of info you are paying for in the course, but I can say I have never seen anyone talk about this sort of stuff in any other Facebook training.

This stuff is gold and is EXACTLY what you need to be doing if you are wanting to take this seriously and are looking at the long term. 

The second half of this module is about setting up and actually running the ads. Again here Thomas is taking the long term approach and explaining why (and how) it’s important to run some like campaigns and engagement post campaigns BEFORE going all out on your affiliate ads. Again – this is important stuff, ignore it and you’ll likely get shut down very quickly. 

This is exactly the sort of info I was hoping would be in the course – anyone can teach you how to set up an ad – but this info is teaching why to follow a specific strategy. Very good stuff – probably worth the price of admission alone. 

As you can see this is a pretty epic module. I think they’ve undersold it with the simple title of ‘traffic’ – it’s a LOT more than that.

Honestly, they could have sold this module as a stand-alone course in my opinion. It is VERY in-depth. 

Affiliate Millionaire - inside the traffic module
Affiliate Millionaire – inside the traffic module

The videos in this module include:

  • Before you launch an ad you must understand this (must watch)
  • Setting up your FB business manager
  • My Facebook and business manager and ad account layout
  • Custom audiences you need to create
  • Uploading customer lists and creating look-alikes
  • Exploring custom audiences
  • Ultimate look alike audiences
  • Audience interest targetting ideas
  • Setting up you Facebook page for success
  • Boosting posts to warm up
  • Campaign naming conventions
  • Create page like campaigns
  • Creating post engagement campaigns
  • Creating traffic campaigns and ads
  • Creating conversion campaigns
  • Campaign structure and TOS formula
  • Retargeting structure

But there is still more(!)…

Affiliate Millionaire Module 6: Ad creatives

This module focuses on the actual ads you will be running. Whilst this has certainly been touched on in previous modules, this section of Affiliate Millionaire goes into a the real detail. 

As well as discussing ad content and creatives, it also offers advice on how to get ads made for you if you’re not great with graphic packages and don’t have copy writing skills. 

Fortunately for my hands (which are hurting from having to type so much as Affiliate Millionaire is such a HUGE Facebook ads course…) this module has fewer videos than the previous section. 

However, there is still a lot of value being given here and 100% worth your time to watch. 

Affiliate Millionaire - inside the ad creatives module
Affiliate Millionaire – inside the ad creatives module

The videos in this module include:

  • All about ads
  • Breaking down a weight loss ad in the wild
  • Ad creative so simple a child could do it
  • Creating story board videos
  • Ad copy services
  • Where to find designers

Not as epic as the previous module, but still plenty to get your teeth into!

And there is STILL more (no really…)

Affiliate Millionaire Module 7: Launch!

That’s right – it’s finally time to make it happen!

This module takes you through how to make sure your (real) campaign launch is as successful as possible. 

If you’ve taken all the steps up until this point, you don’t want to screw it up now – so don’t be tempted to skip this module. There are some really important lessons in here. 

I really appreciated the honesty of the final video (optimal budget) – it doesn’t sugar coat it. The reality of running and testing campaigns is that you’re going to need a pretty healthy budget. Thomas Owen – and the whole of the Affiliate Millionaire training course, is very very honest about the reality of all of this. 

A $20 campaign is NOT going to cut it.

Affiliate Millionaire - inside the launch module
Affiliate Millionaire – inside the launch module

The videos in this module include:

  • Best time of day to launch your campaign
  • Optimization strategy to increase ROI 349%
  • Daily or lifetime budget?
  • Optimal testing budget and layout

Almost there….

Affiliate Millionaire Module 8: Scaling

A very very important module to end on.

So once you’ve got a Facebook affiliate marketing campaign working, how do you scale it effectively and make loads of money? This module teaches you how. 

Scaling is the key to real success over time and how people such as Thomas Owen and Andrew Fox have genuinely become 6 figure plus affiliate marketers. 

And this is the step where many people fail, they just don’t know how or when you should scale (and when you should cut your losses). 

As with the whole of the Affiliate Millionaire training course, there are many, many golden nuggets on offer here. 

Do NOT skip this module!

So that is the core of Affiliate Millionaire. Every single module. However there are some upsells…

For the price of $39 this is INSANE value (I’ll give my full conclusion in a minute). 

Affiliate milionaire - inside the scaling module
Affiliate Millionaire – inside the scaling module

The videos in this module include:

  • Analyzing the data
  • How do I scale my Facebook ad campaigns
  • Testing cost cap vs lowest cost
  • Moving winners into CBO
  • Bumping budgets

Affiliate Millionaire Upsells

Unlike most people writing reviews (and wanting to increase their affiliate commissions), I’m going to be really honest here. 

I only took one of the upsells (for now) and I’ll explain why. 

As you’ve seen from my review, Affiliate Millionaire is a HUGE training program. Not only that, but as Thomas says himself, ‘slow is fast’. 

If you want to take this seriously, you need to set up all your Facebook ad accounts, warm up your pages, research the competition. This all takes time. 

So I haven’t taken the upsells for DFY campaigns – purely because I’m still putting the warm up processes that Affiliate Millionaire recommends into action – so I’m not ready for campaigns just yet – and maybe you should consider that too. 

You can take the upsells at ANY point after purchase. 

The one exception is the Quiz Builder plugin for WordPress (My Super Affiliate Builder) – buying it now locks you into an unlimited domain license – and the plugin is awesome, GET THIS. 

That being said, here are the upsells for Affiliate Millionaire:

Upsell 1 – 6 done for you campaigns $199

This gives you access to 6 proven Facebook campaigns for Clickbank products.

This includes the landers (note: provided through Clickfunnels), the ads and the targeting info. 

There is also a downsell for 3 campaigns instead of 6 ($99). 

In the private Facebook group, there have been a number of people complaining about the Clickfunnels aspect of the landing page delivery (tbf you could copy them in your builder of choice) and Thomas is looking into rebuilding this with My Super Affiliate Builder. (I’ll update this when I know more). 

Being honest – I did not take this option

Upsell 2 – My Super Affiliate Builder $69

This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build quiz funnels. 

As Thomas shows in the Affiliate Millionaire training, quizzes are a great way of running compliant Facebook campaigns and really getting potential customers warmed up before sending them to a sales page. 

TLDR you NEED to be building quiz funnels. 

Whilst there are other plugins out there that let you build quizzes in WordPress – this has been specifically built for affiliate marketing and has some unique and (in my opinion) killer features. 

Obviously, you can build out your quiz funnels with the Super Affiliate Builder plugin but you can also:

  • Build branching quizzes (infinite) depending on answers given – and this can be mapped through a drag and drop editor – awesome
  • Send custom event data to Facebook for any and every question answered – this is AMAZING and allows you to build insanely targetted custom audience inside Facebook. Not aware of any other plugins for WordPress that do this
  • You can send optins to ANY list in your autoresponder depending on how they answer questions.  It integrates with all the major autoresponders you’d expect (Get Response, Aweber etc etc). This is a great feature which lets you build hyper targetted email lists (which therefore have a higher chance of converting for certain offers). 

I’ve tested the page output as well and it is very lightweight and loads quickly (which is important). 

My Super Affiliate Builder quiz wordpress plugin
My Super Affiliate Quiz Builder – WordPress plugin

Bottom line – I got this and consider this a must buy (unless you already have a quiz funnel builder like Clickfunnels). 

Upsell 3: Campaign of the month $49 PM

With this upsell, you’ll get a successful campaign that Thomas has proven to be profitable delivered every month. 

As with the first upsell, this will include landers, ads, and targeting details. 

Unlike the first upsell, these will be brand new campaigns that are tested month by month. 

Again being honest, I did not take this option – however, once I’m all set up I’ll certainly consider it. 

Conclusion: Should you buy Affiliate Millionaire?

First off, if you’ve made it this far – well done! This was a LONG review, but that is purely because Affiliate Millionaire contains so much content. 

And this is the first thing I would like to say, Affiliate Millionaire is $39 – $39 dollars!!! What were they thinking? I have never NEVER paid $39 for something that contained so much value. 

I’ll be honest, when I bought it I wasn’t expecting much as it was so cheap, but the quality and content of the training has blown my mind. You will not find a better value course on Facebook affiliate marketing.

This is the sort of content I would have expected to see in things like Robbie Blanchard’s course – which costs over $1200!

SO, in terms of value – 100000% yes, you should buy it. 

BUT – you need to understand what you are getting into here. 

This is real training for long-term success – it’s complex, it will take you time to implement.

Hell, it’s going to take you time to absorb all the training before you implement.

And of course, paid ads cost money to run (as do trackers).

So if you are expecting a ‘push button solution’ that’s going to ‘make you rich overnight’ this is NOT the course for you. 

If you’re lazy, Affiliate Millionaire is not the course for you.

If you want everything done for you, Affiliate Millionaire is not the course for you.

If however you want to learn some real skills that can help you build a long-term affiliate income, and you fancy doing that with Facebook ads then Affiliate Millionaire is the best investment in your future you can make. 

I’m not offering bonuses or any of that nonsense – tbh if that’s the sort of thing that makes you want to buy a course, then this is not the course for you anyway. 

However, I hope you found this review useful, and if you did and want to buy Affiliate Millionaire, I’d certainly appreciate it if you used my link below 🙂 

Affiliate Millionaire by Andrew Fox and Thomas Owen - review
  • Level of Detail
  • Value for money
  • How easy is it to understand?