Speechelo Review – The Best Text To Speech App?

Speechelo is one of the many text to speech apps out there. Text to speech software has come a long way from the robotic-sounding voices that still call me every day to tell me there is an issue with my tax and I should phone this premium rate number to fix it…(scammers take note – up your game!).

But with so many out there, what do you choose?

Speechelo best text to speech

But with so many out there, what do you choose?

Amazon’s text-to-speech offering, Alex, is big and bold, but at times robotic.

Siri has a great voice – but it doesn’t do very much, and has no settings to customise the way it talks to you.

But if you’re looking to create voiceovers, podcasts and messages is there another option?

Personally, I use Speechelo – I have done for over a year, and in this post I’ll be giving it an honest review.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a cloud-based text-to-speech service and one of the most popular ones out there at the moment with those in the internet marketing space.

It’s a relatively new market, so there are only a few options – this is why Amazon has bought it’s own service (Alex), and Apple hasn’t yet done the same with Siri.

Speechelo is part of the ‘blaster suite’ of software which also includes Videly (YouTube ranking) and Thumbnail Blaster (YouTube thumbnail maker).

Like other tools in the Blaster Suite, Speechelo is cloud-based. This means that your recordings live on their servers (although you can download them to use).

One it’s newer features is to translate your text into another language, and then have it read out in that language.

How does Speechelo work?

At face value, it’s actually pretty simple to use, you paste in or type some text and choose a voice (more on that later). Click a button and the Speechelo will render the text for you as an MP3.

There is also the option to create a transcription – where the software will turn your spoken words into text, which you can render into another voice.

You can choose to have this transcription saved locally, or uploaded for free to their servers.

The first thing you notice about Speechelo is that it’s very very fast! Once you have clicked the button to turn your text into a voice – it really is instant.

The are various tiers of Speechelo (standard, pro and worldwide) – and depending on which version you have, dictates how much text you can render in one go.

Personally, I have the pro version that lets me render 20,000 characters in a single go – enough for an entire podcast.

You can also use Speechelo to stitch together multiple voice files (for example a pod cast between two ‘people’ talking).

How many voices does Speechelo have?

At the moment, Speechelo has 171 voices available – that includes the non-English speaking voices. But to have access to all of them you will need the worldwide licence.

The standard licence gives you access to 58 voices, and the pro version gives you access to 87.

If you have a worldwide licence, you get the full 171.

In reality, you’ll find your favourites and stick to them, well that’s what I do anyway. I rarely use more than 5 actually!

Are the Speechelo voices any good?

There are various speech engines available and I find the ones with the best results have the AI voice with different tones (normal, friendly and serious).

This AI engine really does create some very, very realistic sounding voices – its a shame that this engine is not available to all the voices on offer.

Basically, I would only ever use voices that have the AI engine available to them.

With these voices, I have fooled many people into thinking I am speaking to them face to face.

Yes, some of them really are that good.

Let’s have a listen below.

Testing out Speechelo voices

So really, I just stick to my select few favourites.

What can you use Speechelo for?

Pretty much anything that needs voice audio really.

You can use it to create audiobooks, podcast, audio messages and video voice-overs.

I use it to do video voice-overs for the main part, and the results (especially with backing music) are really good.

You have to learn how to use punctuation to get the best out of it (or indeed any text to speech tool). But once you get the hang of it you’ll be creating human-sounding voices in a matter of seconds.

When you buy Speechelo, it comes with quite a few training videos – including how to make money on Fiverr by using the tool – and this does actually work.

So that’s definitely something you can do as a side hustle.

Should you buy Speechelo?

If you think you need to have text to speech, then I think it’s a bargain. The prices do seem to change from time to time, but the standard is only about $37.

Personally I would recommend buying the Pro upgrade to remove a lot of the restrictions and get access to some of the better AI engine voices.

TOP TIP: All Blaster Suite funnels offer one-time downsells, so if you want pro – say that you don’t and you’ll get a better price πŸ˜‰

I’ll be honest – a lot of the voices are rubbish.

BUT the good voices more than make up for it. And the tool is very easy to use.

So if you want to start your voiceover career, yes I recommend you pick up Speechelo πŸ™‚


  • Some voices really do sound human
  • Really easy to use interface
  • Incredibly quick to render
  • Multiple accents available (male & female)
  • Good training – including how to monetize using the tool
  • Cloud based – and it’s been rock solid the year I’ve been using it
  • One time pricing (IF you take the commercial/pro option on the first purchase)


  • Many of the voices truly are terrible
  • Audio output is low bit rate MP3 – would like to see an option for an uncompressed audio format
  • Support is not that easy to get sense out of (tbf I’ve only needed it once)
Speechelo Text To Speech
  • Ease of use
  • Quality of voices
  • Audio quality
  • Value for money