How to Spy on Youtube Ads with Tubematic

It’s no secret that Youtube can be a tough nut to crack. If you’re not generating a steady stream of leads and sales to your business through your Youtube ads, you’re losing money.

But how do you know what’s working and what isn’t?

Well, one way is to drop a ton of money running and testing ads…

BUT the far cheaper option is to spy on your competition and see what ads are working for them, and use that as your ‘inspiration’…

And that’s where Tubematic, the YouTube Ad Spy tool comes in. 

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What is an Ad Spy Tool?

Have you ever wondered how your competitors are making money?

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what ads they’re running (and for how long)?

How about what landing pages they’re using. 

An Ad Spy tool will show you all of this.  

An ad spy tool will tell you where and how often your competitor’s ads are being displayed. In fact, it will do all of the above.

In other words, it’s a way to test out ads without you spending a load of money on them (because your competitors are doing the testing for you with their money – how kind of them!).

If you find an ad that’s been running for weeks (or months) then it IS working. 

You can use this for inspiration to create your own campaign and (hopefully) bypass the sometimes painful and expensive testing period. 

What is Tubematic AD Spy Tool?

Well, you wouldn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that Tubematic is indeed an ad spy tool – and as the name suggests, it focuses on Youtube (there is also an upsell for Google ads, more on that later). 

There are quite a few Ad Spy tools on the market, and you’ll find that most of them tend to focus on a particular advertising platform – Facebook, Native ads, push ads, Insta etc. 

There aren’t actually many that focus on Youtube – so straight away Tubematic should be getting your attention. 

Even better, unlike EVERY other ad spy tool on the market, Tubematic (at the time of writing) is a ONE TIME payment. No monthly recurring fees – just one price then use forever. 

Included as part of the package is a training course showing how you can use Tubematic to promote ClickBank products on YouTube – including some case studies. 

Check me using it in the video below:

See Tubematic in action
Inside Tubematic YouTube Ad Spy tool
Inside Tubematic YouTube Ad Spy Tool

Where Did Tubematic Come From?

Tubematic was made and launched by Demetris Dpapa (great name!). 

Demetris has launched a number of products over the years, and is probably best known for (the hilariously named) ‘Bing Bang Profits’ and ‘Traffic Zion’. 

Like so many in the make money online space, his products are launched through Warrior+. 

However, unlike so many on Warrior+ Demetris has a great reputation for the ongoing support of his products.

When he launches a product, he sticks with it (he doesn’t take your money and run).

For example, I have Traffic Zion (which helps get you traffic to your website from and he launched that several years ago. However last year made some changes that effectively ‘broke’ Traffic Zion. 

Now given that Demetris Dpapa had launched Traffic Zion some years ago (and on a one time price) you might have thought he’d just leave it.

But no, he employed some more developers and got it fixed – and now it works better than ever. Not only that he gave constant updates in the Facebook group on the progress he was making. 

Demetris is one of the good ones 🙂 

Demetris DPapa the maker of Tubematic
Demetris Dpapa – the maker of Tubematic

How Tubematic Works: The Tubematic Software

Tubematic is a web based tool, meaning you don’t need to download or install anything – as long as you have an internet connection you’re good to go. 

For Tubematic to work you will need to set up a YouTube data API key – but don’t worry, that isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. It’s literally pressing a couple of buttons and then copy and pasting the result into Tubematic. 

A YouTube API key is completely free, and the training video shows you step by step how to do this. 

Once you have your API set inside Tuebamtic, then you can start finding ads – and you have a number of options here (all accessed from the left-hand menu):

Setting your YouTube API key is easy in Tubematic
Setting your YouTube API key is easy in Tubematic

Tubematic Browse Ads library

This is the main (but not only) way of searching for ads inside Tubematic. 

Like all good Ad Spy tools, it lets you search based on keywords, but also lets you specify date ranges. 

At ‘one end’ of the search you have published date, and at the other end you have ‘last seen’. 

This means you can find ads that are current, and ads that have been running for an amount of time. 

The longer an ad has been running, the more successful it is (you’d have to be a moron to run a paid ad for months that wasn’t making you profit!). 

Once you have searched for ads and got some results, you can click into the ad and see more detailed information (which is where Tubematic REALLY starts to shine). 

For each YouTube ad in your search results can see:

  • How many views the video is getting
  • How those views are split over time
  • The video title
  • The video link (so you can watch it)
  • Any images used in the ad placement – banner and thumbnail
  • The channel running the ad
  • All the ads run by this channel (click through to view)
  • All ads linking to the same destination
  • The landing page URL the ad points to (awesome!)
  • The video description text
  • The video tags (if there are any)

And you can export all of this info into Excel should you wish.

As you can see this is a HUGE amount of competitive info that makes Tubematic stand up as a REAL Ad spy tool, not just some gimmicky app. 

You can use this data in so many different ways, to see what sorts of things are running, see how successful they are, take inspiration from the ads and the landing pages – so much potential.

You can even use the description and tag info to help optimise your organic YouTube videos. 

Tubematic YouTube ads library
Inside the Tubematic YouTube ads library

I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure what this feature does – it seems to be the same as the previous feature, just minus the publish/last seen filters. 

Either way it works 🙂 And lets you find ads based on phrases or words that you search for.

All the data mentioned in the Ads Library section is also available in this view.  

Not much else to say on this part – it does what it says on the tin!

Tubematic Saved Ads

Staying organised in Tubematic is easy. You can create lists inside Tubematic so that you can group ads together.

This could be based on a niche, an advertiser, a search phrase – it’s entirely up to you. 

There seem to be no limits on how many lists you can create, so you can go to town on this 🙂 

All lists that you create (and the adverts you chose to add to the lists) can be accessed from this menu. And you can also export these lists to Excel. 

This is a great feature if you are acting as an agency and want to sell some competitor research to a client 😉 

Creating and saving YouTube ad lists is easy inside Tubematic
Creating and saving YouTube ad lists is easy inside Tubematic

This feature of Tubematic allows you to seek out channels in your niche and then reverse engineer any campaigns that they might be running. 

When you search for a key phrase you’ll get a list of all the relevant channels, and it shows you some top-line stats (channel age, number of videos, subscriber count etc). 

However – the cool stuff happens when you click the ‘ad’ icon for a channel. 

You’ll be taken to a screen where Tubematic lists out ALL the ads that channel is running. 

On this screen you’ll see a breakdown of the ads including views, publish date and last seen. 

Even better, you can click on details to drill right into the ad, landing page etc as you can on the Tubematic browse ad library I mentioned above.  

This is another great way that Tubematic can help you see what your competition is up to. 

I found this strangely compelling actually, and have spent quite a lot of time randomly investigating top channel’s advertising tactics – it’s fascinating stuff!

With any kind of marketing, free or paid – one of the most important ingredients for success is making sure you are putting your offer in front of the right people. 

Advertising on YouTube is no different. 

The placement targeting (by channel and/or video) on YouTube has existed for years BUT its a massive pain in the ar#e to use…

Why? Because it insists on making you choose channels one at a time from a virtually infinite list.

Drives you mad it does, MAD. 

This is where Tubematic can help. 

Tubematic allows you to target channels and/or videos in bulk, based on criteria that you define. 

And lets you export the results as a CSV or even just copy them to the clipboard so you can paste them ALL into YouTube ads placements WITH A SINGLE CLICK. 

Trust me, if you’ve done ad placements the hard way – you’ll know what a massive time (and sanity) saver this is. 

In fact, I actually now sell this as a service to people (and people buy it!) which shows just how essential this feature is. Yep people now pay me for placement lists – and its all done with Tubematic 🙂 

How Tubematic Works: A Case Study

As part of the core offer, Tubematic comes with full training and a case study based on promoting a Nutra Clickbank offer with YouTube ads. 

As well as being a great tutorial on using Tubematric itself, the training section is also a nice little intro to how to set up YouTube ads more generally. And even how to choose products to promote on Clickbank.

So if you’ve never run any YouTube ads before and never tried to promote anything on Clickbank then you needn’t worry, the Tubematic training will take you through all the basics. 

The training is delivered by D-Papa himself in a series of easy to follow videos. 

The training takes you through finding a product on Clickbank, then how to use Tubematic to find ads other people are running to promote that product (and how to tell if they seem successful) then how to set up and launch your own campaign in Google ads. 

Now there are a couple of things I would say…

In the training you are encouraged to use the video ads that you find with Tubematic – I personally wouldn’t do that. I’d use them as inspiration for sure, but I’d get my own made. If you can’t make your own videos, you can use this service on Fiverr

Of course, if you want to copy the videos that’s up to you 🙂 

Secondly, the case study is promoting a Nutra product – personally, I would NEVER promote something like that on Google/YouTube as there is a MASSIVE chance of getting your account shut down.

Of course, people are running ads (as Tubematic proves) for these sorts of things, but it’s risky, very risky. 

But with great risk comes great reward (if you don’t get banned…). So again, your choice. 

Tubematic Upsells

As you would expect, the product comes with several upsells, however I will say upfront you do not NEED any of them. Tubematic works perfectly with all of the features described above for the front-end price. 

  1. Personal $37/commercial use $47 – on the front-end purchase you get to choose an option here. If you have no intention of reselling services you can just go for personal. That said, the commercial license is only $10 more – so if you’re not sure, probably best to take this option. 
  2. Google ad spy + DFY ad campaigns $37 – search for your competitors google ads. And in addition, get 40 ready-made google ad campaigns (including keywords) for top Clickbank products and done for you review landing pages (can be imported into Groovepages free account to use)
  3. ISpy 24/7 $27 –  Automated System to Find Ads on Autopilot 24/7. Every time there’s a new ad placed, the Tubematic system will reveal it to you on autopilot saving you time and effort.
  4.  DFY pro suite $67 – This package provides a LOT of value:  40 DFY Clickbank Pages =(10 Splash Pages, 10 Advertorial Pages, 10 Quiz Pages + 10 Optin Pages for ClickBank offers – again accessible with a free Groovepages account)
    Email List Building Training
    How to Build a List using Google Ads
    How to track conversions with paid ads
    How to run your email follow ups
    Setting up a Follow up Campaigns
    Hack For getting back onto Google Ads if you get your account suspended. Setting up a Follow-up Campaign.
  5. Tubematic Agency Package $97 –  This package includes a checklist that allows users to use Tubematic as a Freelancing tool and a quick way to start creating ads for your clients. Get a DFY Agency template to promote your services to generate up to 2k a month with Tubematic. Also included is a DFY Agency template to promote your services.

Conclusion: Is Tubematic Worth It?

In conclusion, to spy on youtube ads, Tubematic gives you everything you need. 

The best part is, it’s a one-time price and easy to use.

I’ve never EVER seen another Ad Spy tool out there that only charges once. All of the other YouTube Ad Spy tools are monthly subscriptions. 

Even better, this product does actually work – don’t be put off by the cheap price, Tubematic is the real deal and you can get some great insights from it.

With Tubematic, you can easily see where your competitor’s video ads are performing, and even identify the video that is bringing them the most success. This is a great way to optimize and improve your YouTube video ad campaigns, without having to hire an expensive agency or use complicated software.

Why spend your money testing out ads and campaigns when Tubematic can show you the best performing ads people have tested with their money?

If you intend to do any YouTube advertising at all, I would consider this an essential purchase. The functionality is great – and you’ve gotta love the pay-once model. 

Check it out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!