Walker Way Review

The Walker Way teaches you how to make easy sales on Facebook for free organically. But does this training from David Walker, walk the walk, or is it all talk?

Find out in this review.

The Walker Way
The Walker Way by David Walker

Table of Contents

Who Is David Walker?

David Walker is a high ticket affiliate marketer, who prides himself on being able to do all of his business through Facebook, without ever spending a cent on ads.

Everything he does is through organic Facebook strategies, through daily posts to messenger chats to close sales.

He’s made in excess of $300k in just 4 years using these strategies, so there is no doubting his credentials.

The Walker Way is his new training program which aims to teach you the secrets of his success, and give you a framework to follow in his footsteps and start making affiliate sales though Facebook (actually you could use it to sell anything, however his focus is on affiliate marketing).

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Walker Way Overview

The Walker Way takes you through all aspects of marketing using Facebook with over 8 hours of video content(!). From setting up your Facebook profile correctly, through to scripts to help you close sales in messenger.

At this point, you are probably thinking, well this sounds like a lot of the high ticket affiliate programs, like EZ1UP, Super Affiliate Accelerator and so on. And to an extent you’d be right BUT, unlike those programs (which cost $2k upwards), The Walker Way is only $297.

This price point makes it incredibly accessible, even for a newbie starting out – and the program comes with it’s own two-tier affiliate program (more on that later).

walker way facebook training by David Walker
Inside the Walker Way Facebook Training Site

Walker Way Module 1 – Base Builder

This module builds your foundation, focussing on how to set up your Facebook profile correctly in order to market effectively on Facebook.

This module includes:

After you have implemented these points, your Facebook profile will look professional and ready to get sales!

  • Introduction to the concept of Facebook profile optimisation
  • Your profile picture
  • Your cover photo (NB if you pick up the Walker Way from my link, I’ll create your Facebook cover as a bonus 🙂 )
  • Your bio area
  • Your featured image
  • Bonus videos – 5 profiles reviewed and critiqued

The info here is very useful and live examples that are shown are incredibly helpful, especially the profile critiques of different marketers

Walker Way Module 2 – Buyer Boom

This section focuses on how and where to find buyers in your niche, and there grow your friends list with the right people (i.e. people that are good prospects to buy from you).

This modules includes:

  • Introduction to finding buyers
  • Buyer groups
  • Product launches
  • Other groups
  • Recommended friends
  • Managing incoming friend requests (not saying yes to most people and why)
  • Organizing your friends lists (and why you should make multiple lists)
  • Scam profiles – how to spot them easily and not pollute your friends list

After going through this module I spend hours pruning my friends lists. I had done it all so very wrong, this is essential information!

Walker Way Module 3 – CLOVER content

CLOVER is an acronym David Walker has come up with to describe his framework. This module is all about how to create the right sort of content on Facebook to get you those sales (and NOT burn out trying).

This includes:

  • C – Curiosity
  • L – Lifestyle
  • O – Offer
  • V – Value posts (4 videos)
  • E – Engagement
  • R – Results
  • Bonus video – post frequency
  • Bonus video – best times of day to post

After working through this module you’ll have a clear idea of what and how you need to create content on Facebook. Real world examples are shown and talked through, which makes this module very easy to understand.

Walker Way Module 4 – Enagagement Explosion

Putting out great content is pointless is no-one is seeing it and engaging with it. This module details strategies to maximise your engagement and reach on Facebook (including some nice little tricks and ‘hacks’).

This includes:

  • Warming up stories
  • Warming up the newsfeed
  • Post your content
  • Boost your content
  • Engage with the newsfeed
  • More than one post a day?
  • Facebook jail – how to avoid and what to do if you get put in it…
  • Optimise your existing friends
  • Semi-automate comments

If you follow all of these steps, you’ll be a Facebook hero in no time, and make sure your posts are seen by all the right people on your friends list.

Walker Way Module 5 – Messenger Master

This module is the bit most things you’ve seen about Facebook organic are always missing. How to actually close a sale in Messenger, which is where the real money is made on Facebook.

For me, this module is probably what sets the Walker Way into the territory of a high ticket training course, but without the high ticket cost.

This module is worth the price of admission alone.

It includes:

  • Rapport
  • Is there a problem?
  • Unprofitable solution
  • Your alternative
  • Follow up
  • Close that sale

As I say – this is full on high ticket stuff, and an incredible addition to such a low priced course. Unexpected – but very welcome 🙂

Walker Way Module 6 – Super Stories

This module focuses on how to use the Facebook stories feature to your advantage, and why this feature is not something you want to overlook.

It includes:

  • Personality
  • Behind the scenes
  • Value
  • Results

Implement these modules and you’ll be getting a lot of attention from your friends list.

Walker Way Bonus Module – Hit N Run Profits

In this bonus Module, David Walker shows a strategy to easily make profits just from your Facebook profile and includes several case studies.

It includes:

  • The strategy
  • Pre and post launch
  • Ge free info products
  • How to gatecrash leaderboards
  • A full case study showing how David made $600 easily

Walker Way Bonus Module – RAISE Your Messenger Game

To be fair, this module covers a lot of the same ground as the previous messenger module, however sets everything out in an easy to remember acronym.

This module could have been incorporated into the other messenger module in my opinion, however there is definitely valuable info in here. I would recommend that you watch the two modules together 🙂

This module includes:

  • R – rapport
  • A – aim
  • I – identify
  • S – sell
  • E – eliminate (objections – not people!)

As I say, a lot of this is covered in detail from the previous module on messenger, but it is set out well and still contains unique content.

Walker Way Bonus Module – Attractive Affiliate

The Walker Way comes with it’s own affiliate system, which is ONLY open to members of the program. So if you are looking to put your new Facebook skills into action then this is the perfect way to do it.

Sales of the Walker Way will net you $150 per sale AND there is a second Tier meaning if someone you sell it to makes a sale of their own, you get $75. This has the potential to add up very quickly and make you some decent income.

Lets say (to keep it easy) you make 10 sales, that’s $1500.

If each of those sales make 10 sales themselves that’s $750 per person for you – $4500 total. So in this (theoretical) scenario, you’ve actually made $1500 + $7500 ($9000). Not too shabby eh?

This modules explains how to get approved as an affiliate and some strategy ideas on how to best promote the program:

  • Explaining the commission structure
  • setting up a Clickbank account
  • Get approved to promote
  • Generating your hoplink
  • Getting a domain name
  • Creating a landing page
  • Connecting your domain to a landing page
  • Copywriting hacks!

Walker Way – Bonus Content

This final bonus from David Walker is over 2000 done for you Facebook posts. Motivational quotes, images with quotes and that kind of thing. Meaning you’re never stuck for something to post for the ‘engagement’ post content.

You’ll have seen some of these before I’m sure, but with so many on offer, you’ll easily be able to find loads that you can use to get engagement from your audience.

Walker Way – Conclusion, is it any good?

Well, as you’ve seen, the Walker Way is a HUGE course.

Over 8 hours of training, including the sort of content usually reserved for extremely expensive coaching courses $2-$4k plus).

This is a great way of checking out the high ticket affiliate world, without dropping your life savings into it.

There is no doubting the value on offer here, its a masterclass in Facebook marketing and it costs less than $200 – crazy. And David provides a private Facebook group for members where he offers ongoing support.

Will it make you rich?

Maybe – at the end of the day, like any genuine course, YOU need to put the effort it.

Going through the training is one thing, but it wont get you anywhere if you don’t implement.

UPDATE – following the method for a few days I got my first sale! So yep, the process works 😀 UPDATE 2 AND I’ve had some more since 😀

Walker Way Clickbank Commission
My first Walker Way Commission on the original pricing, now commissions are $150

You have to want to do this, this is not a ‘push button’ solution (NB there is no such thing as a push button solution…).

Personally I think it is incredible value, and the fact that it comes with its own 2 tier affiliate program is the icing on the cake.

I highly, highly recommend this.

As a bonus, if you sign up under my link below, drop me a message on Facebook from the private group and I will make you a high quality Facebook cover worth $50here is mine if you’d like a look 🙂

The Walker Way Review
  • Content
  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Value for money