Solo Ads – What Are They?

Is this post we delve into solo ads, so you can learn what solo ads are, how to find good solo ads, and how to use them to make money.

Solo ads area great way of building your email list fast and making sales with affiliate email marketing.

A solo ad is where a solo ad vendor will send an email to their list, containing your link.

People selling solo ads are basically ‘renting’ their email list to you. They will take your link, make an email and send it to their email list.

People click on the link and come to your webpage. From there, you capture their email address and send them to affiliate offers – and make sales and commissions. This is a great way to build and grow your email list fast.

Table Of Contents:

How solo ads work?
What sort of webpage should you send solo ads to?
What can you do with a solo ad list?
How much do solo ads cost?
Solo ads Vs Facebook Ads
Solo ads Vs Google Ads
Where can you find good solo ad vendors?
Summing up

How Do Solo Ads Work?

Solo ads are purchased on a per click basis – which is good because it means you are only paying for someone to actually click on your link (note: If they are a quality seller – there are people that sell bot traffic…you don’t want that!).

Normally solo ads are sold in multiples of a hundred – so 100, 200 clicks etc. Larger solo ad vendors may also sell packages in the thousands of clicks range.

What Sort Of Webpage Should You Send Solo Ads To?

You should send your solo ads traffic to a ‘squeeze page’. This is a simple web page designed to capture a visitors email address.

Many people overthink this, by building lead magnets and free giveaways. In reality, what works best is a simple page with an opt in box and a title offering something in return for the email. That ‘something’ could be a simple as ‘learn how to earn $297 a day’.

Your squeeze page is ALL about getting email optins, not about front end sales. Remember the main goal of solo ad traffic is build your email list.

Check out this squeeze page to see what I mean – it has an opt in rate of over 60% but hardly has anything on it(!) It’s not giving away free PDFs or reports – its just a simple title and an email box. THIS is how to get solo ads to work.

Solo ad squeeze page
A simple yet high converting solo ad squeeze page

What Can You Do With A Solo Ad List?

Solo ads can (and should) be used to build a high quality email list. You then use that list to make money through email marketing. As the saying goes, ‘the money’s in the list‘.

The more people on your email list, the more affiliate marketing sales you’ll get. At the end of the day, it’s all a numbers game 🙂

It’s important to understand the ‘sort of people’ that you’ll be getting access to with solo ad traffic.

Most solo ad sellers only have people on their email list that are interested in ‘make money online‘ and ‘business opportunity‘ type offers. Happily, there are LOTS of affiliate offers that tick that box.

It is very important to understand that. You don’t want to be sending fitness offers to (most) solo ad lists. If you do, you’ll be burning your money, which brings us on nicely to…

How Much Do Solo Ads Cost?

As with most things in life, the short answer is ‘it depends‘, the longer answer I’ll deal with now…
Most people start out using Udimi solo ads. Udimi is a market place for solo ad sellers where you can see reviews, place orders and buy solo ads.

Solo ad costs on Udimi can range from $0.30 to over a dollar for a click (min order is usually 100 clicks).

Udimi solo ads market place
Udimi solo ads marketplace

As you would expect, if you bulk buy, you will pay less per click. So for example you might see 100 clicks for $0.70 but if you buy 1000 maybe it would go as low as $0.50.

You’ll also pay a premium for ‘Tier 1 solo ad clicks’ – this means that the clicks will be coming from western countries (USA, Canada etc), and you pay more on the basis that Tier 1 visitors have more money to spend therefore are more desirable to have on your email list.

When you’re starting out, it’s tempting to go with the cheapest clicks you can find, DO NOT make this mistake. Cheap solo ad clicks are cheap for a reason…

There are a lot of solo ad vendors that ‘clickbank’ – which basically means sharing their leads with each other to grow their email list. People on these email lists will be getting hammered every day by many many emails – so it is really unlikely your email will cut through and make sales.

Also there are some solo ad sellers that are in fact ‘scammers’ – selling fake bot traffic.

This is why some solo ads providers sell very cheap clicks – it didn’t cost them much (or possibly didn’t cost them anything) to get the leads in the first place so they don’t have to sell at a high price to make a profit.

Or in the case of scammers – they aren’t even real leads…

This means you do need to be choosey. And ideally you want to use some kind of link tracking software to identify fake (or low tier) traffic.

Sure you might build your email list using cheap solo ad clicks BUT would you rather have 1000 people on your list that never open/click your emails, or 100 people that do? (Spoiler alert: You want openers and clickers….).

If want higher quality solo ad clicks, then realistically you are looking at around $0.70 to $1+ a click.

Solo Ads Vs Facebook ads

A lot of people (especially when they are starting out) wonder which is better – go with solo ads and use Facebook ads instead? The honest answer is ‘it depends’.

You need to remember that solo ads are geared towards the ‘make money online’ and ‘biz op’ niches. And traditionally, this is an area that Facebook can be very ‘weird’ about.

Lots of people trying to run make money online type ads on Facebook quickly find their account being banned…

Facebook account banning aside, one thing solo ads have over Facebook ads is that the leads are pre-qualified.

By that, I mean if someone is on a solo ads vendors email list, you KNOW that they are interested in making money online. If they weren’t – they wouldn’t be there (assuming the solo ad seller is a legit one).

Also you are only paying for clicks, so for someone to come to your squeeze page, not only are they already on a list about how to earn money online, they were also interested enough to open an email about it and click on a link inside the email.

With a Facebook ad (forgetting about account banning) you are hitting people cold. How many times did you ever open up Facebook thinking ‘I really want to learn about making money online – I hope someone shows me an ad about it today‘…

So on balance – unless you are Facebook ad ninja running pixels left right and center, I think solo ads win (for most people).

Solo ads Vs Google Ads

Now personally – I find this one a much more interesting question.

The best solo ad sellers will be using Google Ads themselves to build their lists. So cut out the middle man and you’re winning right?

Yes and no…

Like Facebook, Google can also be a ‘bit weird’ about the make money online niche. Not as weird, but still – you need to know what you’re doing.

Google ads themselves can be complicated for the newbie, and it is very easy to lose money if you don’t know your broad match from your phrase match (or forgot to check your country targeting settings…ahem…).

Personally I use and love Google Ads – BUT I paid a solo ad seller to train me how to do it properly. This was some pretty intensive training PLUS a lot of ‘learning on the job’ trying out different bids, campaigns and different landing pages. All of that costs.

So now I am happy to run Google Ads and can leads for on average $1 a person. All good (now…).

But if you’re just starting out building an email list, you’ve already got a lot to learn. Solo ads just make it easier to get started.

In fact, I still buy solo ads myself – if I’m feeling lazy OR if I want to buy in bulk, because I can get leads cheaper than $1 that way most of the time.

So I would say:

Make it your goal to be able to use Google Ads instead of Solo Ads one day. BUT you need to learn to do it right. Do not just leap into Google Ads without proper training or you’ll burn through your money (best case) OR burn through your money and get your account banned (worst case).

To start with, make life easier on yourself.

Use someone else’s efforts to run the ads – and just go with solo ads.

Which brings us nicely onto…

Where Can You Find Good Solo Ad Vendors?

Don’t get me wrong, there are good solo ad vendors on Udimi and I have made sales from traffic I’ve bought there. However a lot of the top tier solo ad vendors ‘don’t need’ to be on Udimi as they trade on word of mouth.

There are a lot of different groups for solo ads on Facebook – so that’s definitely a consideration. Just search Facebook groups for ‘solo ads’ and you’ll be surprised how many you find. Join the groups and hang around – look at the reviews inside. See who is getting great feedback on a regular basis.

Or of course you can use Google to search for the – if solo ad vendors are paying to promote themselves on Google Ads, there is a good chance they are taking their business seriously – and also a good indication they use Google Ads to build their list (which means nice fresh traffic).

If you want a personal recommendation I buy solo ads here (you won’t find this guy on Udimi). They aren’t the cheapest BUT they are really high quality and often result in front end sales.

Why do I buy solo ads from here? Because I have worked with this solo ad provider many times, and LOADS of other people I know have too. His traffic is fresh (from Google and Bing ads). In fact even medium size solo ad vendors buy their traffic from him.

Summing Up

If you’re looking to make money from affiliate marketing, solo ads are a great way to build your email list fast. However you do need to be careful where you’re buying from – and be very (very) wary of people selling cheap clicks.

Do your research, use recommendations and definitely do NOT buy from people that contact you out of nowhere.

Solo ads can be great – but they do cost money.

You need to understand that building an email list this way is not cheap. You cannot expect to get rich off of buying 100 solo ad clicks… You will need to get your list to at least 1000 before you start seeing regular profit (in my experience).

Anyway I hope you found this useful, good luck with the list building 🙂