What Are The Best Solo Ads For Affiliate Marketing?

With things the way they are right now, nearly everyone is trying to find the next best opportunity for them to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most current and popular ways that people are able to do this.

When people start out in affiliate marketing, everyone tells them they should start with solo ads.

If you’re not sure what solo ads are – go check my post here.

But, if you are starting out – or if you are an experienced affiliate, what are the best solo ads for affiliate marketing? In this post, we’ll try and find out 🙂

Best solo ads

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The Best Solo Ads Are Highly Targeted (The Right Type of List)

It’s not the case that solo ads can be used for ANY type of affiliate marketing. It has to be the right kind of offer.

This may sound obvious, but it’s a trap many newbies fall for.

Don’t forget, solo ads are going to someone’s email list – and that list SHOULD have been built around a particular niche or topic.

If a solo ad vendor says they can promote any affiliate product, then run a mile. You will just be burning your money. Seriously.

Most likely they are just using co-reg addresses (basically bought email lists) – and you don’t want to be paying good money for that. And tbh, if they don’t care about their list – neither should you.

You’re going to struggle to find solo ad vendors that have lists outside of the make money online/crypto/biz op niches.

That said, there are sellers on Udimi (not many) who have successful solo ads campaigns in different niches. Usually health/diet – but be warned, these lists will have been absolutely hammered so you’re taking your chances.

Bottom line, unless you are promoting make ‘make money online’ type opportunities, you are going to struggle with solo ads.

A Solo Ads List That isn’t Burnt Out On Your Affiliate Offer

This can be very important for your conversion rate. If you’re promoting an affiliate product that the solo ad vendor’s list has seen a thousand times before, they’re not likely to convert.

So it’s worth asking the question of the solo ad vendor (of course you are relying on them being honest about it). I think it’s probably best to frame the question as ‘is your list burnt out on X? Because if so, then I’ve got landing pages for Y or Z’.

If you just go in and ask about one affiliate product then you’re basically saying ‘should I buy solo ads from you or not?’ – and (not surprisingly most solo ad vendors will say you should buy from them…).

Whereas, if you say I’m currently promoting X,Y and Z that is a totally different proposition, you’re asking the solo ad vendor which offer he/she thinks is a better fit for right now.

This approach can also help get the conversation going, and let you get a feel for what kind of solo ad vendor they are – and also get them thinking about how they could help you.

Speaking of which…

The Best Solo Ads Vendors Are Honest About Their List/Experience

This is one of the biggest questions newbies have – should I use a new solo ad vendor or an experienced one?

Long term, experience matters a lot but I definitely wouldn’t rule out a beginner right away.

If you ask them what sort of conversion rates they’ve been seeing lately and they are not interested. That’s pretty telling.

Again as mentioned above, they should have a feel for the sort of offers that do well for their list and be able to point you in the right direction.

If they don’t have a feel for the niche – then they’re not going to be able to advise you properly and you might as well just find someone else to work with.

If they don’t seem confident about themselves, their list, or their experience levels… that’s probably a bad sign too.

But that said, a new solo ad vendor will be VERY eager to please (and get a good review from you). And there is a strong chance if they are new, that their list is full of fresh leads – this can lead to a higher conversion rate for you.

So never write off a new seller – they will bend over backwards to help you and try and make your solo ad run a success.

Speaking of helping you make your solo ad a run a success…

The Best Solo Ad Vendors Will Want To See Your Squeeze Page

A good solo ad vendor will want to check out your squeeze page and funnel before running any traffic to it.

In fact, if you try to place a solo ad run and the vendor refuses to run any traffic until you make some changes, this is a VERY good sign.

It means they actually care about your results and not just about getting paid.

If they refuse to look at your page (or don’t offer to), then you know that they don’t really care about your conversion rate.

If you don’t get feedback, don’t be afraid to ask for it – it’s better to make sure the solo ad vendor thinks your setup is going to work with his/her traffic.

Don’t underestimate the effect feedback can have – it could affect your opt in and affiliate sales by a huge amount.

For the same reason, if you get feedback from your solo ads vendor that your squeeze page is no good, don’t have an ego about it.

A good solo ad vendor will be able to give you that feedback because they have tested thousands of landing pages.

I mean, I’ve had people tell me my squeeze page wasn’t right to run traffic… now obviously they don’t know what on earth they’re talking about – but implementing what they suggested did seem to increase my option rate by 10% (LOL).

Seriously, solo ad vendors providing feedback know what they are talking about. This is their job, make sure you benefit from their experience!

Solo Ads With Good Recommendations and Reviews

Never go in blind with a solo ad vendor, you want to make sure you are getting a great recommendation.

The bad ones are just bad, they get everything wrong. They don’t check for quality or even try to help you with your solo ads run – just try and get paid as soon as they can.

As I’ve said in other articles, many of the best solo ad vendors aren’t Udimi – they don’t need to be. The trade on their reputation and word of mouth.

However, if you’re just starting out, you might not want to hang around the solo ad groups and forums to try and spot a good vendor – I get that.

In that case, Udimi might be somewhere you want to look at (or use my recommendation as his traffic is supplying most solo ad vendors out there one way or another!).

However, if you want to try Udimi then at least take the time to go through the reviews and see what people are saying. Don’t just jump on the first person you find, look for people that are getting actual testimonials and not just star ratings.

This will tell you a lot more about the sort of lists they run, and how they work in general.

Also, look at the timing of the reviews – are they recent? If not then you might want to move on and look elsewhere. You need to be sure (as you can be) – that their solo ad list is responsive and fresh TODAY, not 2 months ago.

Personally, I stand by my point that the best solo ads vendors don’t need to be on Udimi.

I really think it is worth spending the time finding and joining Facebook groups and forums dedicated to solo ads and see who keeps popping up time and time again.

Summing Up

As I hope you’ve realised from this post, the best solo ads for affiliate marketing are really about finding the best solo ad vendors.

Being able to get support and feedback on your funnel, having a targeted (to your affiliate offer) and responsive list (not burnout old leads) are really all the components you need for a successful solo ad run.

So go out and do some research and find yourself a good solo ad seller to partner with.

OR if you fancy shortcutting all that, I’ll give you my recommendation below.

Wayne is one of the biggest solo ads sellers on the market (he is NOT on Udimi) – but makes people $10s of thousands of dollars every single week.

I’ve sent a few people his way, and they have ALWAYS become repeat customers – his traffic is that good.

I’ll leave a link below, if you want to check it out I think you’ll like what you find, but if not go out and do some research. Just bear in mind the points I’ve made above.

Now go get those affiliate commissions!

Cheers Stu