What is Email Marketing and Is It Worth It For Affiliate Marketing?

If you have been around affiliate marketing for any length of time, you probably have an understanding of what email marketing is and what it is not.

However, if you’re new to affiliate marketing (and if you are, check out my post on the different types of affiliate marketing), you might not know exactly how much value email marketing can bring to your affiliate marketing business. In which case, you’ve come to the right place 🙂 

In this post we’ll look briefly at what email marketing is, and how and why you should get started. 

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing has been around a long time (probably longer than affiliate marketing) and is still the most effective form of marketing online.

Although you’d be forgiven for thinking email has had it’s day, check your inbox – you’ll find emails from platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Google – bottom line, if these platforms are still bothering to send emails, emails work. 

Simply put, email marketing involves sending emails to people who have opted into your email list. This could be because they signed up for a newsletter/a freebie give away or because they made a purchase on your website.

So, how does this help you if you’re doing affiliate marketing?

Well, the great thing about emails is that they can contain links, more specifically, your affiliate links. So this is a great way of boosting sales and commissions.

Why should you use email marketing for your affiliate promotions?

Besides the obvious (you can get more sales), there are other reasons including:

Email Marketing is cheap

You can get an email marketing platform for as little as $10 per month. When you compare that to the price of running ads, you’ll see this is a REALLY cost efficient way of advertising your affiliate links. 

You do NOT get charged for sending an email – each time you press send, you’ve just got yourself a free ad!

Email Marketing is cheap in terms of time as well, you can have a system that sends out emails every day on auto pilot. And all you need to do is set up the sequence once.

All email platforms charge based on the size of your email list, so it’s actually one of the few places where costs actually scale with your success (the bigger your email list gets, you should be seeing more sales and therefore profit)

It is easy to set up

Most email marketing software is pretty simple to use.

I mean REALLY simple. 

This means it is very easy for beginners and you don’t have to know anything about HTML or any ‘techie stuff’.

These days most email platforms will also have built in landing pages you can use to help build up your email list too. 

All the popular platforms have excellent documentation and around the clock support if you do get stuck. 

Emails are easy to track

Email marketing platforms will let you see how many people have opened your emails and click on your affiliate links, or even how many people have purchased through your affiliate links. 

This information is vital for success. 

If you’re not getting clicks and conversions, you’re doing something wrong. BUT at least you know – and this means you can fix it 🙂 

In fact optimising your open and click through rates is a huge topic – so I’ll write another post that goes into that in detail soon. 

It is one of the most effective ways of generating sales

People rarely buy on the first look of a product, so a follow up sequence pushing a product over the course of days or weeks can really help conversions. It’s actually very rare to make a lot of sales on the front end, most sales happen through the follow up afterwards. 

Sure you can do follow ups with re-targetting ads on platforms like Facebook, but it gets complicated and expensive very fast. 

You can also use it as a time saver for yourself and set it and forget it with automation and drip campaigns. And time is money right? 

You are building your own asset.

In any business, building an asset is extremely important. 

Being a social media god is all well and good (for example) – but what happens if you get banned from it? Boom, your business is gone overnight. 

Your email list is yours. It is no-one else’s. 

Alongside a website, an email list is one of the most important assets you can build as an affiliate marketer. 

This list is the lifeblood of your business, as people are constantly buying through your email links (at least, they should be!). 

Building a personal brand

If you’ve just started out with affiliate marketing, you might not realise it yet, but there WILL be a point where having a personal brand is going to pay off.

People buy (more) from people that they know, like and trust. 

Your email list is the perfect place to start building authority and trust (without having to do things like be on camera – which can seem scary at first). 

Just look after your list, don’t just send them any old rubbish (unless you’re happy to burn through it and replace with new leads continually). 

Send them stuff that is relevant to them and matches what you want your ‘brand’ to be about.

Look after your list and you’ll definitely see the value of it over time.


Email marketing is an awesome way of growing your affiliate marketing business. 

Hopefully you can now see why the old saying is ‘the money’s in the list’ – and why you should start building your email list today!

If you’re looking to build your email list fast, check out my post about how to do just that!