What Sort Of Emails Should You Send To Solo Ad Traffic?

Once you’ve run some solo ad traffic (and hopefully had some front-end sales) you’ll want to boost your commissions by sending email campaigns to your solo ad list.

If you’re not sure what solo ads are – check out my article here, and if you know what they are, but haven’t bought any solo ads yet, go check out my article here to make sure you don’t get burned(!)

Ok so let’s assume you’ve bought some solo ads and started building up your email list…

But what sort of emails should you be sending? In this article, we’ll look at what you can do to max out the value of your email list.

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Understanding Your audience – Solo Ads Are A Very Specific Type Of Customer

Before setting (digital) pen to paper, you need to be thinking about your audience. What sort of person ends up on a solo ad list, and what sort of problems do they need solving?

The first (and most obvious) point, is that people on a solo ad list want to make money online.
So EVERY email you send, needs to hit that mark.

Secondly, they’re not just interested in making money online, they want to make lots of it, and fast.

People on solo ads lists tend to be at the stage in their ‘online career’ where (frankly) they still believe in get rich quick schemes – and that for $37 you can buy a ‘magic button’ that you can just press to get rich…

Of course, there is no magic button (you get that right?…) but you kind of need to write your emails as if there were. That is what your audience wants (I know…).

For this reason, software products are a good bet – any kind of ‘done for you’ ‘autopilot’ system is what people are after.

What they DON’T want is a massive training course implying loads of effort on their part.

Make Your Email Title Stand Out From The Crowd

If someone is on your solo ad list – chances are they are on a LOT of other people’s too.

That means their inbox (and junk folder…) is being absolutely hammered every single day.

So if you want someone to open your email, it REALLY needs to stand out in the inbox.

Clickbait headlines are one route – however, be warned that a lot of the words you might want to use in your email headline will land you straight in the junk folder.

To avoid heading straight into the junk folder, try and avoid words in the title like:

  • money
  • profits
  • system
  • dollars
  • free
  • hack
  • you get the idea, in fact just have a look through your junk folder, you’ll see the patterns pretty easily.

Emojis in titles can help you stand out, just don’t overuse them.

Sometimes the most obscure titles will get really good open rates, for example:

‘erm, what?’
‘I don’t think so’

Basically, you are looking for anything that stands out from the sea of other emails and makes the reader curious enough to have a look.

Don’t be tempted to use RE: – it’s been done to death.

Whilst it makes me feel slightly dirty to say this, the job of the email title is to get them to open the email. NOTHING else.

Over time, you want to build up a bank of your best open rate email titles (your email tool will be able to report on open rates for you.

Test and test again – pay attention to the sorts of things that are getting the best results – obscure, friendly, random – all solo ad lists will behave slightly differently.

Keep Your Emails Short And Sweet

You might be tempted to write a load of compelling copy to persuade someone to buy, but in reality, with solo ad traffic you just want people to click through.

This means less is more, when it comes to solo ad traffic.

Remember, these people just want to make money online as fast as possible, so if you are not making the case for clicking through in the first two lines of your email – then something is seriously wrong.

Above all, you want something that has a very strong call to action – you want them to be able to skim read the email in a couple of seconds and WANT to click your link.

This means having a strong headline at the top of the email body (possibly as a link) and one solid call to action right at the end of the email.

Make Your Solo Ad Email Copy Generic

If you’re email marketing to solo ad traffic, chances are you’re either testing out offers (you should be…) or going to be promoting a LOT of different things.

This means, rather than craft emails individually for each offer, you can write emails that could apply (roughly) to ANY make money online offer.

This means you can test your rotator links in the emails – in fact just put your rotator link in EVERY email, then you can just swap offers in and out inside you link tracking tool.

In the same way that I mentioned you should build up a list of email titles that had the highest open rates, you should also build up a pool of email copy that had the highest click through rate.

That way you end up with a bank of winning emails you can just set up a repeating sequence for. You can pretty much get away with sending the same email every 21 days or so.


So there you go, writing emails for solo ad traffic doesn’t have to be hard. Just do these things in your emails and you’ll get much better results than most people.

Keep it short and sweet – and (I’m afraid) click baity….That’s how to win with your solo ad list 🙂

Let me know if this was useful – I’ll try and keep updating this post as I have more thoughts.

Let me know what is your favourite thing about solo ads, and if you’ve got any good tips on how to effectively write emails for them – sign up below and shoot me a message 🙂